Windows Vista, Opinions Please


Java Runtime Environment (J2RE) Doesn’t Work

… Thus Eclipse doesn’t either… so Vista is officially worthless to me as a developer.

Cubase doesn’t work, and Audacity won’t record correctly

Can someone explain the point of Vista? I know MS want to make money, and that it is meant to be pretty, but what does Vista actually add in terms of functionality? None of the advertising suggests anything other than it is more secure. Microsoft saying it is more secure is like, er, what they said about XP, Win2000 and ME!

The biggest thing, is something Unix, Apple and the rest have been doing all along, basically the system runs as a user that doesn’t have the right to change anything, for something to alter the system, users are promoted before anything damaging (or positive) can happen, this means, when installing most programs, or accessing certain Control Panel items.

The hype will say a lot more, and it’s build on Direct X 10 (which is nice) and a lot of visual upgrades, but the Unix-subsystem (letting people like me build certain Unix tools that I’m familiar with) for windows, and for the average home user, having more security…

They’ve also done a lot about uncoupling internet explorer from the Operating system, and made the whole interface much much cleaner and easier to use

J2RE runs fine here Hambley?

I had to get Version 6 (beta) - and it didn’t correctly set the path, since I didn’t run the installer as Administrator (it didn’t ask me too)

My mate at MS who’s heading up the bugs team, just told me I have to set Eclipse to compat for XPSP2 and run as Admin…

So, why not run everything as admin to make it work… and then just go back to how XP was

…totally pointless… but pretty - what licence level are you running Jay (and Matt?)

I’m still running the full version under the development licence here - your experiences are exactly the same as mine - I’ve ended up having to run as admin (sorry root ;-)) all the time which defeat the object of the improvements for me.

I haven’t been able to run exclispe either ham… I’ll try again with your suggestions above… if work hadn’t made me run this piece of crap for testing I would have dumped it long before now.


bring back the MS-DOS days…

thats one hell of a system you got there hambley,

4GB of RAM?.. DAMN… you running 64bit with 2 processors?, running 2GB each?..i dont otherwise see how you could, unless they’ve made motherboards that can take more than 2GB total Ram per slot.

anyhow, Nice.

i have 4 GB on a x64 system back in london, performance is simply beautiful, but i am using XP, havent upgraded yet, thought id upgrade the computer and the missus at the same time.

Ok, started reading this thread and got lost after a couple of posts … nerds !

Glad it wasnt only me

I’m running Vista Ultimate, Hambley. The start-menu is a step-backwards IMO, on XP I would quickly and easily see all my programs, but in Vista I’m stuck with a stupid little box that means I have to scroll around, and opening the groups is SLOW… I mean come on, is that really a good use of my 30" screen?!

I may still go back to XP, this is madness.

It is not exactly a secret that M$ are in bed with Intel. Intel keep on making faster processors etc, Microsoft write bloated Operating systems and other software that “needs” lightning fast hardware to run.

Likewise, can anybody remember any MS software [not just OS] that ran right from the word go and never messed with anything ?

Luckily I can use my [XP] PC for productive work, but being forced to upgrade to Vista whilst being expected to produce work, jeez, you guys have my sympathy.

Hey, guys

666; it’s a dual core x2 processor, so it’s two processors in one ‘chip’, and the RAM are 4x1Gb modules - they’re mismatched so I could be getting better performance if I could find 2x2GB chips, but not only are they like £200 each, they’re hard as hell to find… also, I’m pretty happy with my system, though since I’ve installed vista, even if i disable Aero (that’s the nice effects thing) i still only get ~25FPS on Counter Strike: Source, and about ~30 on World of Warcraft

Believe it or not (not sure how much ram he’s got) but Jay will be getting better gaming performance than me with his dual SLi cards; for anyone that cares… you get two similar graphics cards (he has two, of the model up form me stab) and there’s a special bridge to connect them together (as I understand) you connect your monitor(s) to just one of them, and the other one just sits helping the other one out, it’s like having a dual-processor graphics card with 1Gb of onboard graphics RAM, and none of the data transfers between the graphics cards go over the system buses, so it’s bejeesus fast.

Matt; I’m glad someone else remembers that other video - I wanna say his name is “Hunter Crestle” … but that doesn’t seem right, I’ve not seen that thing you mentioned either

Trojan, et al - It’s guys like us that keep the inter-blag turning (this comic will make you laugh guys)

Also, admins - whats the crack with Internet Explorer getting a pretty WYSIWYG box…and Gecko/kHTML users not doing… I only noticed because with my fresh Vista, I came to see LB before I downloaded Firefox

Also jay…30" screen, that’s just unfair is it a Mac one by any chance, or just a giant HD LCD TV ?

Further to my last comment: FFoXftw

Hambley, you say the interface is better and cleaner - everyone I know using Vista says things require far more clicks, stuff is no longer in view and is difficult to find.

Well said Matt, use MacOSX !!!

BTW thanx for that movie, C=64 was my first ever computer, then Amiga, then PC and now Mac!

Giuliano, it will depend what people do, they have moved a lot of stuff, but it’s much better organised, an observarion from a 64bit user, is that there’s duplicated of a lot of things, for 32bit, often Internet Explorer (which i don’t like to use, still) will require I use the 32bit version, for some reason or other, and in the control panel there are duplicates all over for 32bit, which is a shame.

In these first few days, I’ve been tripping over myself more than usual - and it’s right that it’s like that, it’s a pretty major overhaul (I’d be curious to know how much code is identicle to XP’s) - but now I’m getting used to it, it feels just like home, only slower.

Yeah, go buy mac, everyone…seriously - just not a Mac Mini… it sucks only having one monitor output … even if it is a 24" widescreen


Old pictures, old diggs, but they show it off. It’s an Alienware rig, so built for performance. 2gb ram, X2 cpu like yours, sata drives, creative audigy soundcard, tv capture card, etc. It’s due an upgrade now though, I want to swap the AMD crap out for Core2Duo and see how the 2 7800gtx’s perform on that. If they still don’t kick it then I may look at an 8800gtx or two. We’ll see.

The monitor is a Dell 30". Very good quality, you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes to work.

Ohhh, that monitor is really nice… my gf has nicked my camera - so I can’t match you on the pictures - I run a multi machine setup here (same keyboard and mouse as yours )

Left to right, i have

24" Widescreen on my Mac Mini
2x 19" TFT on my Vista machine
17" Widescreen on the laptop (on a VESA mount)

I use synergy so the PC does K(v)MoIP and I can control the other machines without extra clutter - I just bought an Asus monitor, about £50 more than the others in the range, but it has the same quality as a CRT triniton, and it’s bright, and colours look amazing, it uses the same panels as the Mac range of Cinemas apparently (which are the same as the Dell ones?)

Where did you get your monitor ? – I may have to invest

– Lee

…just noticed - nice speakers mate

I keep meaning to remember to buy some monitor speakers - but usually get caught up buying trash for my house… Ikea ownz me