windows movie maker

is there anyone in the house who is familiar using XP’s windows movie maker?. i have put some pictures and music together and need to place it to disc to be viewed on a normal tv dvd player as well as on a PC. i have a dvd/rw and some time ago, placed a disc in ready to copy-or so i thought it would in the end. i played it in my tv dvd player and the screen reads ’ disc cannot be read '?. this has happened with a few dvd/rw discs which i’ve wasted trying!.

i heard something about is it has to be in the right format etc,-it has to be converted before it can play on normal dvd. i ain’t got a clue on converting when it comes to these technical things, and i don’t want to give up. i am sure so far it’s just the file converting which is the problem, but where do i start?. im still new!!. the help section is confusing a little as well. someone come round please!

any help on this, of course appreciated lots.


been through this one a little while ago its a bit of a 'mare, windows movie maker (wmm) only lets you burn a non dvd movie so it will play in windows media player etc but not normal dvd machines, you will not get a dvd you can play in a normal machine from wmm.

the way i got round it was to use pinnacle studio 9 instead. i got pinnacle free with my camcorder on a cd rom. You can take the movie you’ve made in wmm and transfer it into pinacle and use it as a chapter in pinnacle IE you have a title board with icons you can select on the dvd and you can import the wmm file to be one of them.

the long and short of it is get pinnacle, its much easier to use anyway, i believe the free version given away with camcorders is available as a free download at

not quite the answer you were after but hope it helps

Tell me it’s not a road safety film Darryl

If you’re still stuck you can send the file to me and I’ll convert it into a DVD for you.

Darryl, there are ways to convert them to DVD format. Have a search on google “convert wmm to dvd” and you’ll find loads of tips.

Might need to save it as avi file and then convert using something WinAvi - you usually download this lot for free on or somewhere similar. If not give us a shout, sure I can ‘find’ it somewhere.