Wind + Gazebo's

My gazebo’s wouldn’t stand a chance in this wind! :smiley:

Stick her butt outside mate :wink:

Oh no! don’t start another Gazebo thread:D

Didn’t LB have a gazebo once upon a time? :hehe:

Maybe you should try giving it away, always an interesting scrap



Lewis…gazebo…talk to me

In a freaky coincidence, I bought a gazebo yesterday. It’s my eldest’s first communion this weekend, and the forecast is for rain…

i’m sure Kaos would help you tie them down :stuck_out_tongue:

Gazebo thread :slight_smile: Bring it on!

we have a gazebo thread people!

Martin, how do you think kaos could help me, he hasnt got one! :smiley:

Szymon, dude your gonna be in a wet spot this weekend! Should have borrowed the waterproof LB one.

Dawn, I have 3, one is the entire length of garden, one is cream and looks arabian, the third, a standard green/white striped gazebo

Serrisan…brill pic :smiley:

bricking it…not for sale, but I will give one away! What one do you want? They are all taking up too much room. collection only.

mel :cool:

Jetstream/Jet/CaptainBender/AgonyAunt/Road Captain et al, whats wrong with a gazebo thread? :ermm:

TerryMoto…go back to stunt school old man :stuck_out_tongue:

Windy Gazebo’s?

Stop eating the curried beans. :blink:

On the serious note, try Line Lok next time your put a gazebo. The more your Gazebo gets pushed and pulled around, the righter it will get.

It’s a standard gear used during polar expeditions and on tents by serious mountain climbers. A doddle to attach and tight up your gazebo as long you have something solid to attach it to. :slight_smile: It works as I have it on my gezebo on the balcony 5 floors up and year round… :smiley:

Could we have a picture of said gazebo…if not I call custard! lol

Tell me more. i dont have a gazebo (yet). I’ll have the largest one and put it up in the back garden, then take pictures. Is it an LB one by any chance?

Ooooooo there’s a challenge! :smiley:

the manicure is most essential to work it properly :laugh:

Obviously and heels too. :wink: I was going to make it go up and down too, but thought that was just too much of a trigger for most. :wink:

Come on the Santa Pod do in July and bring Gazebo we need one