Win Tickets to Silverstone MotoGP 2011

Competition has just gone live to win a pair of weekend tickets to the 2011 Silverstone MotoGP;

Get your answers in! :smiley:

damn away on holiday then :slight_smile:

Rixxy wants a once a month post disclosing dog experiences.

We tried to talk him out of it but he skinned our hound with a kitcen knife and had his wicked way.

So who on LB has been with a dog and who is so retentional they don`t want to admit it ?

Rixxy thinks this one will run and run.:smiley:

We are not so sure as we feel the LB community would not wish to see such revelations.:stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m blonde… But you’ve lost me jets :S

It’s Jetstream! Who understands anything they say!!!.. :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back on topic… entry submitted :slight_smile:

Just had a phonecall from Silverstone PR seems I’ve won.

Thats brilliant news - If all works well my wife an I are doing a track day at Rockingham on the Monday so we can do Silverstone on Sunday then ride up to Rockingham and stay overnight.
This will be her first MotoGP followed by her first trackday.

Keep you all posted, if I can not make I will auction up part or all for LAA

Congrats TopKat! You lucky git :smiley:

YIPPEEEEEEE! Well done :smiley:

Damn! I’m too late to enter?!