Will Viper Extremes be good for road use?

I was thinking of getting Avon Viper Extremes for road use good idea or bad idea???

Thanks for all your input!!! i went and got them any way and there like F***ing super glue there awesome i love em :smiley:

Viper Extremes on the road? Nice! They might not last to long though I guess. Would be interested to know how they perform out on the track too, I’ve heard they’re incredible.

I use viper supersports and they last 800 miles…the extremes wont last 500 if you ride them as they are supposed to be used…but now you have them let us know eh…

looking at the tyres at the moment id agree that theres about 600 to 800 miles left on them iv put 200 miles through them already and i cant push this point enough there AMAZING!!! :w00t: in the wet? not a problem there a hooligans dream they stick to anything and fill me with confidence especialy after the nasty crash i had recently, i still take it easy round the corners but im slowly getting closer and closer to full tilt :cool: (I feel like a salesman) not yet tried on a track but hey i only wanted to see if they would work on the road and at the moment i would highly recomend these!!! next ones will be the “avon viper”

I think you will love the supersports 60’s I think…next one down from the extreme…but I am going to try the 2ct’s this time I think…

I’ve not yet dabbled with the 2’s ive heard lots about them id be in two minds too!! give them a go and then get the extreams and see which ones are better cause if there better than the vipers il get them next