Will this fit

Will this fit the rear talon hub on my 525exc?


not sure mate but would be cheaper to get you silver hub and rim anodized.

^^^ wot he said (but both his hubs are gold iirc.)

Also you’d be taking a big chance with it being the same shade of gold as your front rim - know wot I mean? :hehe:

contact talon and see if they have the colour code


Its just a rim, would fit any bike id of thought… well obviously aslong as it was thin enough for the swinger but at 4.25 thats plenty thin enough for the EXC.

It might be different angle between rim and hub tho so best to check 1st

Did you get gold rim?

This what I wanted for my 525 :slight_smile:

Black spokes with black Talon hubs , build by Talon with my black Excel rims :cool: