Will it fit?

Get your mind out of the gutter!

So I have an akrapovic slip on but I want a full system.
Akrapovic don’t do a full system for my bike.
Arrow do make a full system but my question is, can I get away with using the arrow down pipes and the akrapovic exhaust? I’ve tried to find the dimentions for it but had no luck.

Any info appreciated :slight_smile:

Incase your wondering the bike is a Kawasaki versus 1000 2015

Personally I’d be a bit cautious about mixing and matching exhaust systems. but then I’m not a mech.

find someone on the owners forum or facebook group who already has the downpipes and wouldn’t mind measuring the diameter for you. 

I’m sure that if you give it some more time someone will make a full system soon, it’s a fairly new bike that seems to be selling well, there is no reason why manufacturers wouldn’t invest in such system

there’s probably a very good reason why akra dont make a full system for your type of bike.  not worth the effort would spring to mind.


If both the cans can be fitted as just a slip on to stock downpipes, then everything should line up, as it’s made to the same dimensions

the problem is slip ons have a smaller diameter link than a full system. full systems are bigger to allow the gasses to be shoved out quicker, plus a slip on is usually bolted up to the link pipe whereas a full system is push fit with springs holding it in place.