Will it fit me?

Hi guys

For a while I’ve been thinking of getting my first set of real leathers, I’ve only had textile riding gear.

Yesterday i stumbled upon discounts on Alpinestars GP Plus leathers 2 piece suit.

I want it in the black/white set. The one with vents, i easily get hot.

I’m 98 cm. in both hip and chest and from what i can tell that’s a EU size 48 i jacket and trousers. Size chart:
My current textile and mesh set is EU size 48 in both jacket and trousers.

But i’ve only been able to find the things in size 50!



I heard that alpinestars are a snug fit, so thought it might fit me. Then i saw this review of the jacket on Rezvilla:

The guy is a 42 inch. chest and i wearing a EU size 52 jacket. Meaning he wen’t down a size compared to the size chart.

SO, i’m in a bit of pickle. Will size 50 fit me?
I’ve seen that there is 48 in full black, but i really like the white/black :slight_smile:

And of course if any one have good/bad things to say about the GP Plus series or Alpinestars in general is welcome!

(sorry for all the links :stuck_out_tongue: )

it’s revzilla american? so their sizing is worked out different to euro sizes.

I’d say get the 50 if I were you. if it’s too loose, it’s a great excuse to eat more cake!

Go and check in store than order online if is big price difference.

Absolutely. George Whites had a load of leathers on special offer and none of them fit me. Definitely try on first and then maybe order online.

The link to the first store that you’ve given says they’re based just down the road in Swindon. Get in touch with them, ask their advice on sizing and if you think that the leathers are likely to fit, see if they can have them in store for you to go and try on.

Or take the risk, order them, and if they don’t fit just return them. They have a decent returns policy, although you would have to pay the postage yourself.

They are american, but I’m pretty sure the alpinestars sizes are universal. That’s what i can tell from their site. Plus Revzilla’s size chart i the one from Alpinestars site.

Could do! Dosn’t think the misses or my conscious would be to happy haha.

Yeah i guess that’s the best/only way to do it.

Ahh that’s no to far. But don’t i can take the time out to go there :-/

I’ve got the same jacket (no trousers though). I’m 87cm/32in around the chest and my jacket is size US 44/EU 54.

I wanted to buy the trousers too but they seem to be discontinued. Ratty46 let me try on the Missile pants which look exactly the same and my conclusion is I need size 50. Haven’t bought them yet so can’t comment on how well they fit during the day-to-day use.

Go to Harpers in Leigh on Sea and have some made to measure by a local legend who has been making them for British and world Superbike riders for years. They’re cheaper and absolutely as good as anything on the market. Better if you consider that he’ll give you lifetime crash repairs for free and you can choose your colour scheme.

All a* gear I’ve tried on always is way too small for me than the equivalent in other brands so always try on… :slight_smile:

Also, when I was looking at Dainese leathers, I remember trying a different jacket in same size, one fit perfectly… the other wouldn’t even zip. The cut was different as the one that wouldn’t fit was (apparently) more track, racing focused

Sounds very good!
I had a look at their site. From what i can tell it’s the Wolf suits they make and fit, starting from 599£. Is that right?

I’ve heard that before. It’s not easy to gauge. Getting a bit inclined to say F it, order them and see what there like. Still haven’t a “big think” over it :slight_smile: