Will i get a ticket

Someone might know this.

Will i get a ticket in the post

Was in the Brecon area of Wales a couple of weeks ago (14 of us blasting around on some amazing roads) We were going along the A40 to West End Cafe in Llandovery.

I overtook a slower bike on long the straight about 2 miles before the village

I might have been doing 1** and some copper jumped out of the bushes with some sort of hand held radar gun. Was pointing this at me as i went by.
I didn’t get stopped and just kept going.

I would have thought they would have stopped me down the road to ticket/warn me.

What do you guys think? They cannot photograph you like this can they?

Also, are there any fix speed cameras in wales, lots of signs and not one camera?


Chances are you will be OK I think, they would have had to have stopped you.

If you were’nt stopped at the time,which it sounds like you were’nt,then you must receive a NIP within 14 days of the offence.Providing that your bike is registered to you and not a hire bike or borrowed then if 14days have passed you will be fine.:smiley:

Wrong, the office HAS to show you the reading on the gun, so if he did not pull you over chances are you should get off.

There are other ways you can try if you do get a NIP. i.e. you did not see the reading, ask for the full details of the gun including serials numbers and when it as last maintained…

But I think you should be ok.

Cool thanks guys.