Will he ever get into 6th gear


Busa avin it in the algarve!!

Finally remembererd to turn his indicator off!

320kph = 198mph > nutta

good stuff,

ghost rider would have had it in 6th a long while ago.

Ghost Riders awesome !!!

Whats 320 kilometres in MPH?

Wonder what speed the other biker was doing when he passed him?

Wicked bike…next to ZX12R the Busa is my choice…BUT im not dissing my baby Blade !!

he did around 200mph, awsome!!!

Thats what the Busa can do…didnt look it did it ??? Like i said awesome…why cant i be 6ft tall !!!

Abroad, people often leave indicators on while overtaking, not just initially to indicate the move is about to happen, it helps drugged up Latvian lorry drivers spot you . . . . . He is overtaking most of the time . . . . . and stuck in the redline zone far too often.

What do Hayabusa speedos read when they are actualy doing 200mph ? Anybody clever enough to work it out 11,000rpm, 5th gear, presumably stock gearing ??