Will be a cool accessory when it comes out


But its on a bicycle! :hehe:

Cant you get those valve things from Halfrauds that do the same job, but cheaper?

Love the idea, but might it be too much when a large group are together?

There’ll be people everywhere falling to the ground having a fit everytime a group of cyclists go by! :stuck_out_tongue:

go for the Tron look at a decent speed :smiley:

they’ve been selling them in america for years!!! just an LED that replaces the old vavle cap. only cost $5 or so for a set.


They bend the valves at motorway speeds and there have been reports of the valves coming clean out of the rim and so causing very quick tyre deflation.

Good to know that PJ! I always thought they were a bit tasteless personally.

looks over-engineered to me :wink:

Ive superglued mine on though… :stuck_out_tongue:

just remembered they were called tyreflies

I just want to she a R1200GSA with spokey dokies. Stace, you up for some clackity fun? :smiley: