Will a Thundercat clutch fit a mk1 Fazer?

Trying to find an answer for this one… Loads of clutch kits about for the Thundercat but not many for the Fazer…

I’m pretty sure the engine is the same - the Haynes manual covers both bikes…?


Does the Haynes give two seperate sets of instructions for the different bikes when you get the chapter on clutches… if not and they make no differentiation then you’re onto a pretty sure thing there.

If you’ve got 7.1-7.13 - For Thundercat Riders
And then 7.14-7.22 - for the other make, then there might be clashes…

Can’t answer your question, but can give you this - Bitz for Bikes

According to My EBC book the plates and springs are both different !

Did someone mention a Haynes manual?

Those things are for packing under your bike wheels on the track stands, not for taking seriously.

Oh, being plastic covered, they also make decent mats for the coffee cups.