Wildout Wheelie Boyz movie trailer

From the city that brought you The Wire:

Now sure I recognise the name - dude did you use to work at TMP a few years ago???

What a load of sh!t

Couldn’t understand a word they were saying, no major skills there just provoking the law to intervene and causing chaos.

Typical American “gangster” wannabes

+1 and most likly on stolen bikes that someone worked hard for. love to p1ss the police off but prolly cry like a b1tch for a ambulance when they f00k up on the tarmac:hehe:

Err, yeah a looooooooooong time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought so, I used to work with Claire Barker back then assuming that rings a bell!!

Bit crazy really. Suppose they dont have much else to do. Some of them are most likely are stolen but i watched a video a while back round a friends house of a rapper (god knows who) saying him and few other “home boys” had bought alot of these bikes for these guys. I suppose its kinda a way to cover there backs should they ever need “back up” if there “gat beef wit another homie” still though apparently the police dont even bother chasing them much because there so reckless. Well at least there were no guns in this video.