Wilbers Suspension

Has anyone heard of it? its German made i believe, and im thinking of replacing the rear bouncy shock on the sprint. any recommendations?

Heard of them, but not tried them.

Would suggest you take a look at Nitron or Maxton. Unless you are going to be racing the Sprint, which is unlikely, either make will offer significant improvement over OE.

I had a Wilbers shock on my XT660, and it was the best upgrade of the bike. Even though it was the basic model, it wasn’t cheap (more expensive that Hagon, cheaper than Ohlins), but well worth it.
A friend of a friend is one of the only few people importing the kit in the UK (and I wouldn’t personally use him anymore, but would buy the kit again), and reckoned that the reason why the brand is not very strong in the UK because Wilbers aren’t very interested in giving stuff away to racers etc, and they’ve not spend much in terms of marketing here. They are very well regarded abroad apparently.
Why don’t you try to become a UK importer :wink: I couldn’t find any in the London or SE at the time.

i will not be racing her on track, only on the roads:P

i will wait to hear back and see what they say:)


I bought a piggy-back Race shock for the Blade, it cost me £600 (as opposed to double that for an equivalent Ohlins). The shock was built for my weight and was a definite improvement over the OE shock.

i dont want to spend £600!!! Its got to be done fairly budgetesque, i really kick myself as i lost out a a virtually brand new nitron rear trick shock for mine for £260! grr

Did you specify a price? No! Ya bleedin’ Moomin!

How much is the Wilbers shock? Nitron do a “road” shock for about £300.

OOH MEEEIOW get her!!!:laugh:, ok shall take a look MOOMIN!

Hey Westicles , I emailed Nitron this morning as it happens about a new rear shock and springs , will forward onto you when they reply.

They do 3 for the sprint , two with an external res.

oh cool, fab mr! how exciting, will wait to hear, ive also contacted wp suspension, hagon, and maxton:)

Nitron from PDQ Developments around the £300.00 mark for the sports shock. :smiley:
don’t forget to tell them you weigh 3 stone so they can get you the right spring. :smiley:

Wilbers are good. Had heard good things about them on a variety of bikes. Basically, get what fits your budget though as either nitron or wilbers will be better than you ever actually need. At let them know that you are fairly trim in weight… :wink:

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Try Hyperpro.