Wigmore st W1

I’ll be mostly gracing the sky above said street with my presence for thr next few months, so if you see a green crane being operated by a numptie gisa beep an a five knuckle shuffle salute B-).

fu*kin hell mate. Where have you been all this time!

Im down Baker Street every morning, will try to go past ya if I can and see if you see me lol :smiley:

Lol daniel i been about i know its hard to believe because i got alot to say in person but you’ve posted more this month than i have since i joined the site more or less when it started up back in the day :Whistling: infact last time i posted was in your castle ride thread but lifes good got the mrs a motor an that an maria startred her new job last week so lifes on the up an up catch you soon fella , cool marta the cranes are on the junction of duke st an wigmore st i’d spot that zzr a mile off :).

Well about 10 mins ago I was standing at the end of Thayer St, waving frantically - I could see you but I think you were having a quick kip :wink: :smiley:

Lol i got an early knock today three drivers to two cranes so we take it in turns to jump ship :slight_smile:

Redrat, is that the Wates site? I might be working on that soon

Sure is fella wates management with morrisroe doing the groundwork an concrete framework .

Great! Could you pick up and remove the odd cage driver?

Redrat im on a work bike, the zed is hibernating at the mo, I ride a black cbf 600 with a top box and wearing a black lid and a hi viz …might not be passing u as im going back up to Marylebone from baker st…:frowning:

lol. Its a combo of a few things that explain the posts.

Well make sure you drop by the hut or something one day for a catch up and a cuppa :smiley:

i wouldn’t know where to start eezie the pedestrians are just as bad as a cagers in this neck of the wood…lol.
marta in work mode you sound like 8 out of 10 biker floating about …lol you’ll have to ripped past doing a twelve o’clock an hitting it off the limiter just so i know its you if you pass B-).

I almost managed a power slide this morning, damn ice on Gloucester place lol :laugh: Lucky I always take it easy at work :stuck_out_tongue:

It looked very serene up there this morning - is it quiet, or do you get the wind whistling through?

The last crane cab I was in was just a bloody great entertainment centre.

Surround sound, Xbox, mini flat screen telly,the works.

You got all of that or are you one of the ones that reads in the long periods of sitting there when there’s no work?