Wife's been shopping

Wife went shopping today for a new pair of trousers for the daughters leaving school do, pair of trainers for me as mine have fallen apart and a gold fish for the son.

Came home with:-

Complete outfit for daughter

some new mugs

2 new kittens to add to the 4 cats we’ve already got with all the bits to go with (except vets bills)

but she did remember the trainers

there goes the new chain and sprockets for another month or so


Ahhh… My heart goes out to you fella… At least you got two new pussy’s to play with!!

wrong! just wrong!

6 cats? You bit me on that mate! I have got 5

HAHA well atleast she remembered your trainers

Even window shopping seems to cost me £50.00 minimum these days…

No mate… window shopping?

You got to worry when you wake up at 3am and she’s sitting in front of the PC with your credit card…

Trust me i know

God… I must be the only woman not shopping or using my fella’s card… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

Foxy, you must be the woman all us men desire in our dreams


Sounds like one of the cheap shopping trips, she must be saving for the next one

Cheers Mark.

Foxy, come on, spend a bit of money on Jay. Two words “powder coat”

If I had the cash I would, Oh and besides, I have just smashed my bike up…

Jay mate where is your credit card!

I know the skint feeling Foxy

I like your message sig makes me smile every day! So true as well!

Nah… I wouldn’t expect that… Jay’s having to pay out for his DRZ that I blew up! Poor sod!

Note to self dont let Karen borrow my Zx6 lol