Wide boots

A mate has trouble finding boots that cater for very large calf sizes. Anyone have any idea of a manufacturer that make knee length bike boots that are extra wide in the calf.

Have a look at the Oxtar Infinity.

Idiotboy, a.k.a. El Bandito, gots his huge calf’s into my BMW boots. (And then stretched the foot width so much they are now his.)

I can get my super high instep into them and their replacements without problems.

Can’t remember if they were called “Traveller” or “Adventure” but they cost about £100, Winter, 2007, and worth every penny. Comfy, easy to walk in and waterproof.

The “Santiago’s” are even better but cost about £200.

Thanks. I have passed the info on:)

I have the same trouble and found that Sidi Vertigo Corsas have all the calf and instep adjustment I needed. I tried every other boot on at Infinity and none of the others came close.:cool:

almost a Snap On quote :smiley: