Wicked New Toy....

Unbelievable torque…good HP even bone stock…killer looks. I’ve had the hump for this bike since seeing it in person for the first time last year…now, it’s in my garage.




You live in suburbia!

jezus christ KSG…

its a tractor does look bad ass though…


Bone stock…

109 cubic inches in the V-Twin motor (1800 ccs)…

118 ft/lbs of torque…127 HP…

10 inch rear rim, 240 rear tire. You whack the throttle, SOMETHING is going to happen…epic burn out, wheelie…not sure…but definitely SOMETHING. LOL

It wouldn’t be worth a sh$t in the urban hell that is London…but in rural Kansas where I live, it’s MAGNIFICENT.

Wow! I’ve liked this Zook since seeing it a while ago as well Gregman. No idea what it’d be like to ride, but would love to give it a go. I reckon I could be trouble on one, hehe. So please don’t tell me the 750 made way for this!?


that is a beautiful machine… I’m very very jealous!

Look at the brakes! Tokico radials! And the rake of the forks is steeeeeeeeep for a cruiser. I bet it handles pretty well actually. Next he’ll say it’s fuel-injected!

Wow, shes a beaut!!

ps. I agree bout suburbia, looks a bit like Wisteria Lane!

Most of it’s “technology” is taken from the GSX-R1000…the brakes…the fuel injection system…the ECM…it handles really REALLY well for a 700 lb bike…and that motor… I’ve not yet got it fully “ridden in” but what I’ve tasted so far only makes me lust for more.

Is this a “good thing” in the English mind? Or a bad thing?

I have no idea what/where Wisteria Lane is…ROFL

oh sorry lol, its where Desperate Housewives is set…not that I watch it mind

I only know because Foxy watches it; Desperate Housewives. I think it’s regarded with slight derision, i.e. a regulated and patterned way of life. Personally I don’t care, they’re big houses and big yards to me, leading to big roads.

Holy Sheet…

The Gregsters back with a Monster !!! and hes turning in to “TuT Senior” !!

Love it !!!

Jesus…I would have sworn that we all spoke English… ROFL

TuT Senior?!

How are you doing Barro?

That looks super chunky that! Usually cant stand cruisers, but that is pretty cool, is it loud as stock, if not then I am sure some open pipes are going to be on there soon!!

Tut Senior = Orange County Choppers !!

Im doing good fella…when you landing in Blighty then ?

Blighty = UK !!..

it’s a beauty…enjoy

Gregman, what’s the top/comfortable speed on that?! Can you imagine if you tuned it? You can get a performance exhaust, power commander, get it on the dyno, oh man, I would LOVE to see that. This is a very interesting bike.

I already have my eye on a tuning package…2 air intakes, exhaust, PCIII…supposedly adds 16 ft/lbs of torque and 16 HP.


I’m not in love with all the chrome…so the long range plan is to begin “blacking” it out…powder coat the rims…get the headers/exhaust/heat shield and air intakes black ceramic coated…To say I’m in love with this bike would be a huge understatement.

I’ve not yet got my 600 “break in” miles on the bike yet so I haven’t been able to really use that huge motor in anger yet…but I’ve had it comfortably at 110 mph…Most riders say 145 or so is when the air resistance trumps all further efforts at top speed.

Yeah…in Europe it’s the Intruder 1800…here in the States it’s marketed as the M109-R.