I’m guessing this guy was trying to jump start the bike and made a mess of it ? LOL

Er… :blink:

“Hey, I know what’ll work!”

The word “Retard” springs to mind:D

What a tw*t! Made me chuckle mind!!:D:D

owww poor bike

How do people like this survive in society with so few braincells?

lmao, what a dick

And yet they can still figure out how to upload videos to YouTube… baffling!

trying to jump start a V-twin…shame about messing up the RSV…

reminds me of this one:

Oooh, that last one – $60k worth of bike – ooooh, you wouldn’t want to be her/him!

at least she did loads of shoulder checks :w00t:

I didn’t even realise she did… she was very safe pulling off:):slight_smile:

better safe than sor… :ermm: :blink: :smiley: :w00t:


Hrm, you won’t find a set of those fairings on eBay or in the Honda parts catalogue :slight_smile: