Why you shouldent try ride a bike wile only being awake for only 10 min's

i spelt the title wrong, supposed to say awake 10 min’s (but smiled’s fixed it;))

so i woke up to my frinend at my dore beieng a idot with my camera on i fliped my bike pulling away fromt eh lights haha

my lesson has been lurnt i will not wheelie or ride a bike untill i have been awak for more then half hour

Whoops;). Hope your ok, hopefully not much damage to your bike being a tars it should’ve come off lightly,

I don’t normally preach about bike clothing etc but where’s ya gloves?? I stunt in shorts and t shirt sometimes but I always make sure I’ve got helmet and gloves on, if I’m not landing on my feet chances are my hands are gonna be hitting the deck first!

It won’t let me edit my post, it’s supposed to say tard and not tars! :slight_smile:

Oh, and a slight dab of back brake wouldn’t of gone a miss there! ;):slight_smile:

haha i normally allways wear my gloves left my house got to the end of my road and relised and just thought ow bugger cbt to get my keys back outa my short pockets. and i dont know why i dident press the back break i normall and to scerd to get it going hight and i sore it come up and thought meh then im on the floor haha

Tut tut on the gloves. Broken fingers and hands aren’t fun.

Did you do this all by accident, or did you deliberately wheelie, then accidentally flip it?

my gloves arnt that good anyway so if i bent my fingers back theyd still break =[ and i ment to just cluch pop it so not really a wheelie just a sort of foot of the ground then for it to go back down and it just launched into the air lol

ok, I give up, whats a tard then


why ppl cant just say scrambler anymore is beyond me…as if changing the tyres changes an entire bike ffs…


GET SOME GLOVES …you naughty naughty boy:P
But well done on the flip…if i’d been in the vehicle behind i’d have given you a round of applause lol:laugh:

TARD=smiled :wink:

SMILED = TARD :smiley:

Always have a bit of motion under you before popping wheelies. Also the cold bike wouldnt have liked that very much, probably its way of telling you to calm the fcuk down, warm me up properly, and wear gloves!

Glad ya ok. Good video though!

What camera and mount?

Super-Mofo :smiley:

I saw u wheeling on themidnight run. have u ever used the front tyre :stuck_out_tongue:

D’awww, so this is how you scratched up your arm :slight_smile:

camera is a contour hd and i stuck the google mount to the side of my helmet for some resone it has really badly down graded uploading it to the tube. XD

and on the midnight run i dont rember wheelieing i rember trying not to really hard being midle of london and to meany outher bikes lol

is it just me that thinks the fact there is a van in front of him would have been the main reason not to try that!!!

ooops, lol, glad u and the bike are alright. It would have been alright until that second handful of throttle hehe Tell your mate to get some gloves too! :smiley:

Easily done mate with the narrow power band of the 2 strokes. Always cover the back brake it can save this from happening. :slight_smile: I would edit the Number plate out of the video it does not need to be there. :slight_smile:

Maybe before he had the ‘L’ plates he was one of those kids on a BMX that give flappy hand do a wheelie sign when your in traffic 5ft from a car??

But fairplay for trying it mate…!

‘motard’ is French for ‘biker’.

‘retard’ is English for ‘Smiled’

‘scrambled’ = Smiled’s brain (drugs not necessarily required) :wink: