Why You Should Never Trust Friends To Fix Your Bike!

I’ve just seen this on another forum.


It’s a good example as to why you shouldn’t let your dumb mate fix your bike :smiley:

Looks like a good job well done. :smiley:

Erm … mabe im missing the point here but why would I let a dumb mate anywhere near my bike in the first place. Dont really need an example … ah I get it dumb and dumber tsk :slight_smile:

There’s a Darwin Award entry right there.

Is that an American site?..:wink:

I guess their friendship is over :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not the worlds greatest mechanic by any stretch but drilling through an ECU takes a real special.

This is precisely why I don’t allow myself to tinker with my own bike! It looks lovely from the outside, makes all sorts of great noises and goes like stink – all because of the “bike magic” that goes on behind and beneath the metal and plastic!

There’s some numpties out there!!! :w00t::smiley:

Exactly, and here’s me worried about overtightening a few bolts.

sorry but thats to fugin funny… :smiley:

p!ssed my self

Hey! Are you on Gixerjunkies too? adz?
Im on there!

Nobber…But if you know a guy is ‘good at covering his mistakes’, why the fug would you let him work on your bike.

Imagine him working on the calipers and tighting them up too tight until something snaps, then doing a nice looking bodge so that everything appears ok when the bike is returned :crazy:

Stupid c*** :rolleyes:

No, only be a Darwin Award if the no brainer balanced it on his head whilst his mate drilled it :P:D:):hehe:

What was he trying to do?

“i wanted to have my plate under the read seat area instead of having that stupid tail thing” makes no sense to me at all! :hehe:

lmfao, thats funny, silly american.

:hehe: Me thinks that might have been a BAD idea. Still gave me a good laugh :D:hehe: