Why you should ignore/mot acknowledge Trolls - An old Polish proverb

"You can wrestle with a pig in mud and s-h-i-t... ...but the pig enjoys it!"

Really? How it sounds in Polish?


"Możesz walczyć z świnia w błocie i s-h-i-t …

świnia … ale cieszy to! " :D:hehe::w00t:

Możesz walczyć z świnia w błocie i gówno, ale świnia cieszy go

Ah that’s better!

'course ith doesn’t matter if it’s in bleedin Swahili - it’s the sentiment that counts;)

Well, never heard about it. There is Jan Brzechwa poem about fight between stork and pig, conclusion is strictly different. I may ask some other Polish speakers about but I doubt I would not use it if it exist :stuck_out_tongue:

It would translate this more like: “Możesz walczyć ze świnia w błocie i gownie ale to świnia będzie miała z tego radoche”
So: “You can wrestle with the pig in mud and s…t but only pig will enjoy it”


Triang/Rusty – you were using google translate or bing translate or something, right? Because that certainly isn’t a Polish proverb I’ve ever heard, nor is it even vaguely grammatically correct Polish. EB’s translation is correct (but again, doesn’t sound like a particularly well known proverb…)


That what I try to say, I’ve never heard about Polish proverb even similar to this one. The most popular one is similar to this what you are using here: “Nie kłóć się z idiotą, bo najpierw sprowadzi Cię do swojego poziomu, a potem pokona doświadczeniem!”

“Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”


ps. There was definitely translator involved hint: świnia … ale cieszy to! shod be świnia … ale to cieszy! (probably talking about the word itself :P)

Yep Google translate strikes again!

Memory fails me with the exact source - years ago when I heard it it was said to be a Polish proverb, but obviously not!

Well even the NRA gun bloggers are using the quote !

Personally I found it funny specially after reading some texts on the internet but I will go with a bit of advice:

Basic advice for foreigners for reading Polish stuffYou can be sure of one thing. When you see diacritic **** over or under a letter, you can be sure you say it WRONG.

We put a disclaimer here. We wrote that already, but we need to remind you that you will never learn Polish language! You can be able to speak like a 6 year-old child but never better!

We don’t have any other advice unless you wish to cut or pierce your tongue or larynx. To be brutally honest: if you weren’t born in Poland or you weren’t growing up in Polish family, you will never be able to say certain sounds like ż, ź, sz, ś or dż. But from the other side, Poles can learn sounds from any other language and they excell at Irish, Chinese and Thai.

Therefore you will never learn Polish. You had better give up now before you become frustrated, depressed, suicidal and before you hurt your tongue, larynx or develop a collapsed lung. It’s just too hard for your lungs, larynx and tongue to say words with too many consonants and funky letters, like: część, źdźbło, trzcina, rzeżączka or pszczoła.


ps. source

That’s good advice:) and interesting.

I think there is a scene in the film Battle of Britain where the english RAF officer is telling the Polish pilots (tongue in cheek ) for daring to break a training formation in order to shoot up the Nazis and bring down at least 3 of their bombers into the sea…

…I remember this clip for years but I do not think the Polish officer is translating EXACTLY what the RAF officer is saying…

…ie what the hel is “Razmuffsky” ???

Do me a favour and watch the last 2 mins (from 2:34) of this clip and do me out of my misery and tell me what the translator is saying please???


That is good translation, sounds a bit “square” or “robotic” but all words and sentence meaning is preserved.

You are asking about word “rozmówki” which may be translated as cheat-chat, I would translate that to Polish as “pogadószki”. But this is probably because of different era of filming this movie and present language.

So in general no complain to the translation, I can only complain why the Polish government get an invoice for fuel and other airport fees gained by Polish pilots durring defence of Britain :stuck_out_tongue: but this may open can of worms.


Thanks for that!

The fuel bill is nothing compared to what we had to pay the Yanks for the lend/lease agreement - I think we have only just paid that off but thay still have free use of their USAF bases here :smiley:

I guess it had something to do with all nations contributing towards fighting ‘The Hun’…I only hope the French paid too…:slight_smile:

I believe you will enjoy this approach :slight_smile: to war which I found quite funny (old polish comedy “How I started 2nd World War?”



Thanks EvilB but I only could watch half of it because I had to have my tea !:wink:

Good! It’s funny seeing how other nationalties portray us! :smiley:

That was probably from the same sort of time as your movie :wink: Glad you like it.

Now is worst. But I not going to write it here to open 2nd can of worms. :stuck_out_tongue:


GT says this “puszkę Pandory” for can of worms :smiley:

That’s pandora’s box, a slightly different scale of evil :wink:

Pandora box is proverb with roots in Greek mythology, to be more precise that was “Pandora’s barrel” which she get as a wedding dowry.