Why, why, why????

Replaced lost mobile on Monday with a pay as you go jobby from Tesco (seemed a good deal, lovely little pink number with Swaroski crystal, I hope you are impressed), it never worked (too much money invested in Swaroski crystal and not enough in technology I suspect). Took it back Tuesday, no problems with Tesco exchanging, but the exchange phone didn’t work either. Finally, managed to get it up and started yesterday early evening, but late evening it failed again. Have to take it back, Tesco reckon it is a problem with that particular batch of phones and are happy to keep exchanging.

Tried two Orange shops at lunch time, sold out of all the phones reasonably priced (they kindly suggested some for over £120, my heart nearly stopped, I lose one around every 6 months) but are expecting delivery within the next few days, am currently starting to see everything through red mist again. After that I didn’t have the strength to try the phones4you shop and decided to leave it for a while.

Before anybody says it, I am not ranting!!!

Cant you just get an old mobile from someone that still works and use a pay as you go sim? Forget the lovely pink phone that is aesthetically pleasing, its functionality that you require.

PM me, I have a number of oldish phones that I dont need. T68i, P600i etc.

Thanks, I might come back to you on this one. I am off to Tesco tonight to swap the phone and keeping my sticky little fingers crossed that a different make, model etc will make the difference. If this doesn’t work again, you will hear me losing my rag across town.

I bought a chain from BabyJ, I will hang that around my neck and lock the mobile to that! If I can carry the weight.

whats a monring then?