Why we aren't allowed Segways...

Not to mention the fact that people who use those things look like complete kn0bs!! haha Although don’t mess with the airport cops in singapore airport who rome around on those things, they’ll just mow you down!!!

Didn’t the UK distributor die when he accidentally rode one over a cliff?

Yup and he wasn’t just a distributor. He was the owner of Segway. :slight_smile:

You can ride them off road in Bracknell Forest, looks quite good fun in a family friendly low paced kind of a way.

Yhep. The dude who invented them and owned the company accidentally rode one off a cliff.

Don’t **** with Chinese S.W.A.T…

He didn’t invent them, he just bought the company. Which incidentally never made a profit.

A great pity the Segway wheelchairs weren’t a success. I saw one in action once on Tottenham Court Road, and they are pretty impressive.

Fook me that wheelchair is impressive!!

Had a go on one in Cancun, thought it was wicked!

Ally, you could do with one of them