why used bike seems more expensive than used car?

Thought I will post this and see if I am the only one think in this way.

I have been looking for a used bike for daily use and my budget is about £1500 and it seems that I can’t really get a reasonable quality bike form this amount (looking for 400-600 sportbike or a naked, even a good 125 costs more than my budget) but on the other hand, around the same or a bit more I can get a car like Mazda RX8, it is a lot of metals and engine for the money.

Surely bike should be cheap, anyway, search continuous and set myself a target by Dec, hopefully people might sell their bike cheaply in the winter.

supply and demand how many people really want a rx8 lol

of the selection MCN have within your range I would take a closer look at this one.


I’ll probably be selling my ER6-f within a few weeks. 2007 07 plate, silver, just had it’s MOT new DID gold chain about 300 miles ago I think it’s around 27k miles (although I haven’t picked it up since the MOT went on it a couple of days back. Oh yeah, just put 12 months tax on it too.

I was hoping for more than £1500 to be honest - but wtf - you take it as is (i.e. I don’t have to clean it up for sale) and no ebay fees so I suppose that isn’t too bad a deal.

Let me know if you want to come and see it.

You’re obviously not trying very hard now, are you?

My current hornet…98 model with 9k on the clocks in damn fine condition… I got it for 900.
I bought a 01 cb500 direct from a dealer for 600 quid, experience training school but wanted for nothing and was in black/gold colour and good condition.
I sold my GOOD Vfr800 2000 model for 1400…not 2 months ago.

Of course if you are limiting yourself to looking on biketrader then you have only yourself to blame. Ebay is the place to get them.