Why so many Italian reg scooters in London?

Not particularly having a pop at them but it seems there are a lot of what arrear to be Italian reg scooters in London. Is it so much cheaper to buy them there and ship them over? Because they are foreign reg I guess it is a lot harder for them to then be prosecuted for speeding or illegal parking, suppose I am just jealous I did see a bloke do a blatant left turn through a red light and when I asked why he just shouted at me saying everyone was a policeman these days.

Yes you do sound jealous

I ‘think’ it’s because the italian government still refuses to share data with our government about indiviuals… IE registrations details for cameras etc…


“Hello? Is that Malplates? Yes, I’d like an Italian plate please…”

Or maybe its cos London is such a great city and its full of Italians who are living over here enjoying the place, and just happens theyve brought their wheels over with them.

There’s loads of polish regs too… is that for the same reason I wonder?

Most of the Italian reg scooters belong to foreign students at Uni. I have worked at loads of London Uni`s and there are always loads of scooters and mainly from Italy.

Theres more and more Polish, Lituania and other eastern european country registered cars over here. They bring them over and most of them dont have a valid tax, insurance or M.O.T. They get away with any fines parking or speeding.

I think that any vehicle that`s over here for more than a month should have some sort of registration from the DVLA to make sure that everything is fine with the car and driver.

Could be Rossi’s Tribe coming over for a visit.

Just a guess here, but perhaps there are a lot of Italians over here

too many effing foreigners, stealing our jobs and our women - piss off back to your country I say!

oh - I am Greek by the way… lol

hahaha The other day at around 9am, an ET4 owner + pillion pulled up next to me near Vauxhall area (coming from Stockwell)… The rider asked where Chelsea Bridge was, I tried explaining, but in the end told him to follow me. I duly set about trying to lose him in traffic (I don’t do that often, just thought it’d be a laff)… so after a deft filter here, a quick overtake there, I looked behind and they weren’t following… looked over to my left, and the bloke was riding happily in the centre of a bus lane, in full view of ‘with-flow’ CCTV cameras… i then noticed his Italian number plate and felt a surge of jealousy…

Mate, its just the Italians bringing them over.
Christ you can pack one of those hairdryers into your hand luggage these days…
And Italian plates mean NO fines…apparently the police are now sending fines overseas, but it takes abotu 10 years to catch up with you and by then you’ve moved, moved and mvoed again, so NOT a chance…

I imported a Moto Guzzi Le Mans from Milan some years ago…

…and I can tell you why the Italians don’t share registration data with the DVLC.

Its because their system is a COMPLETE MESS!!

Italy has the most byzantine and complex legal regulations for import/export and registrtaions in the world…

…but Italians being Italians just sensibly just ignore them.

Thats the way to do it - if only we Brits had that attitude…