why risk it.

i was sitting in mcdonalds as you do, and this bloke on a gixxer pulls up bumps up onto the grass with his son on the back, with a lid on that was obviously his dads, he must have been about 7. he had jeans and t shirt on while the inconsiderate dad was leathered up. i wonder if he would forgive himself if something happened. :crazy: i dont understand it.

Each to their own…It’s his kid at the end of the day, but I’d rather they were wearing proper gear.

yeah but the kid does not understand or have the choice weather or not to wear the right gear. :blink:

its madness :exclamationmark:

its the same as driving with your seatbelt on while your kids jump about and play in the back of your car or those people who check too see if any cars are coming by shoving the pushchair out into the road first !!!

and when it does go wrong will usually blame the other driver/rider or predestrian !!:crazy:

Hopefully he got home safely without any problems but the only time the father would do anything is if there was an accident by which time it would be too late. Sadly he obviously feels that it’s ok to dress his son in that way, prabably didn’t even think twice :angry:

Or government for not doing something about it. Or the police. :angry:

i have posted up about something similar to this before, but it really gets my goat up. trouble is the police cant be everywhere. they are too busy pulling bikes up for a loud can or a small plate. they should pull up people like this with small kids on the back. and educate them :crazy:

I tend to agree on this one…:slight_smile:

what offence is he committing???

its not right , but there is no law says you have to wear protective clothing other than helmet…we have had that discussion many times.

and a lack of common sense unfortunatley is not an offence


he is not commiting an offence . but its just my opinion and i dont agree with it. how can a noisy can be an offence and having a small child on the back of a bike dressed innapropriately not be. after all i thought the police are trying to promote safety. :blink:

You only saw him turn up outside Mcdonalds - for all you know they might live only 5 minutes away and did 30mph or under all the way.

No point in jumping to conclusions.

yes but it dont take 5 mins for some nob head to pull out on him.:ermm:


People moan about the Police and governments taking away our freedoms, then they moan and call for legislation when they see someone else doing something they don’t like. :crazy:

Educate not legislate.

Could say the same if he was on a pedal bike, unfortunately its about risk management not about cutting a risk out completely because that cant be done.

However I would always make my son wear the proper gear.

So what? Any of us on here could get wiped out tomorrow simply because we were on a bike when the accident took place and not in a volvo or something.

If you feel that way about risk I’m suprised you decided to get into biking. . .

im not saying i wont take a risk. its just my opinion that the kid did not have a choice of his own weather or not to wear the gear while his dad was geared up. :slight_smile: besides i love it when its risky. oh on the bike i mean.:smiley:

Sorry if my comments were misinterpreted, I was merely trying to emphasise that these people will blame everyone else and take no responsibility, usually blaming the police for failing on something or other, or the local government or the national government.

I wasn’t having a go at the police, just the prats who do nothing to promote the survival of themselves or their offspring.

The bloke is clearly an idiot,

If I chose to ride in t-shirt and jeans then that’s my own lookout and if I crash then I’m a ****, but if this guy crashes with his kid on the back dressed like this, then I’d wanna knock his teeth out if I was the kid’s mum/uncle/granparent…

I have two daighters and wouldn’t even think about doing this for a tenth of a second.

i was riding along embankment the other day, a proper choipped harley rocked up next to me, fella riding smothered in tattoos…in a vest, WW2 style lid and shades, with his little’un on the back…in a proper kids bike jacket, gloves, a proper fitting lid, boots and jeans,AND the lad could reach teh rear pegs and he had a grab rail to hold wich he never let go of teh whoel time he was in my sight…THATS how it should be done if your gonan do it.:wink: