why no faces?

hey just been looking at peoples profiles, it seems that not a lot of us are putting any info or pics into our personals area, its good to see who you are talking to, are we not putting details in for a reason?

Have you seen the boat-races in the Gallery?

“A picture paints a thousand words” - just most of 'em are alternatives for ‘ugly’ LoL

Oi, I resemble that remark

Cheers Mark.

On a more seroius note. I think it does help if people can recognise not only the bike, but the lid and boat as well (if only to avoid ).

Cheers Mark.



With a face like mine, you dont like to publicise it

Haven’t found a way to connect my old bow brownie to the pc and any other camera shows me in scary detail.

Hm, here’s a pic of me on the left with a colleague at my boss’ recent wedding!


maybe people cant be bothered i dont know

me too hence the lid covering the but ugly mug…lol

i can only speak for myself but i just looked in the mirror and trust me its horrible


Several reasons really

a) Crimewatch… no one wants the coppers being called

b) Sheer ugliness

i must say and firestorm-in-a-dcup thats a lovely pic! i was very surprised the other day when i saw you, very beautiful! x


well done dibble!

Some of us are just so doggone shy

Some are just wide and old, oh dear!

done - shud have done it b4, I honestly didn’t realise how good looking I was