Why Nick A Windscreen?

So I saw last night that somebody had nicked my licence plate. I know what that’s for. What I don’t get is why take the windscreen as well? 

If it’s not covered by your insurance then a replacement windscreen is very expensive. It’s an Instant MOT fail if there is damage of a certain size in the drivers line of sight.

Ah. It just seemed so random given that they took the plate, which is obviously for nefarious reasons…

Are we talking about a bike windscreen or car…

Didn’t think bike screens were part of the MOT

Bike. My very old Diversion, with (well, not any more) the least flash windscreen ever.

I posted a few weekends ago that on our road someone actually nicked the with windscreen from a van!

My partner had her scooter’s mirrors stolen last month. A right pain in the ar5e, not particularly expensive to replace but cost her time off work and inconvenience.

Why? I drove my KTM for years without mirrors :smiley:

Oh I thought it was a car windscreen. I don’t think a bike screen will fail an MOT.

At Bikesafe the Policing element told is that the young scrote element go out and steal scooter parts off scooters to replace damaged parts on their bikes. Cheaper than retail I guess.

It’s because it’s easily removable, difficult to trace and easy to flog on ebay. 

easy to flog on ebay.
That's what I figured. They might only fetch a tenner each but they took seconds to steal.

600RR screen is held on with 4 screws. And we all know about Honda plastic. Worth more than it’s weight in platinum.

I’ve learned that it’s the same with Suzuki. It would cost me £270 to replace one side panel alone. A new aftermarket kit is almost the same.