Why motorcycling's bad boys are a thing of the past


Hammond you got it wrong

Rockers rode British bikes like BSAs and used oil from their leaky engines to slick back their hair.

 very wrong

To be fair the next sentence 

Rockers rode British bikes like BSAs and used oil from their leaky
engines to slick back their hair. Or that’s what it looked like.

Makes it a bit more credible

Christmas is coming - Hammond needs the money - his time in the celebrity tent is running out - he’s getting older - without Jezzer to play the straight man (who’s bullied) he is loosing his relevance…

Solution? Bring out a coffee-table motorcycle book that Aunty Paula get buy her nephew for Christmas because “He likes motorbikes” and “That’s another one ticked off the list!”

Hammond is talking out of his ass :honeybee: wax is what was used to slick back the hair and the bikes were an emalgamation of British bikes… Norton, Triumph, BSA, Sunbeam etc.

Why have I got that feeling that I’m going to end up with at least one copy from my well meaning nearest and dearest this Crimbo?

Because you haven’t told him not to buy one…

Ha, if the other half bought me that for Christmas I think he knows what the reaction would be.

It could be part of the bundle so just drop it into conversation one day and say I can’t stand the Richard Hammond he’s always trying so hard to be cool…

Sh… That reminds me that I really need to check the oil on Trumph!



That’s the trouble with motorcycle books they are either all tech-specy and nerdy-oily finger jobs like Fallon’s ("…and in 1981 they increased the head bolt size by 0.5mm and moved the mirror mount to the left of the lever supports"…zzzzzzz )

Or they are so genralist they are unreadable ( “…the function of the clutch is to ease the engine from start and”… zzzzzz)

Good one’s I’ve read recently… “Rocker” …great background on the cult

Guy Martin’s Autobiography - great laugh…Sheene’s one too (although the really juicy three-in-a-bed stuff he left out)

and “Ace Times” …