Why is this Forum

funny you should mention wood.  again, how many have you posted/been on lately?
Not many but then I don't live in London, anyway I'm going back into the woodwork

I’ve never lived in London and I’ve not ridden there for about 5 years, doesn’t stop me coming on here. 

I've never lived in London and I've not ridden there for about 5 years, doesn't stop me coming on here. 
Don't argue with him!

I live in London and never ride my bike :joy: Not much changed with me since joining in 2007 lol

Ginger raises a fair point, the number of rideouts is way too low. I used to go on a lot as a route to improve my riding initially. Definitely moved me on too ( thx Jets)

But if there’s not the demand any more - then I guess things will slowly die off. Shame, as I used to really enjoy a jets run.


It’s winter. Only the die-hard are out riding in this weather :slight_smile:

Makes no odds Jay. Number of summer riders using LB is a fraction of what it used to be.

Whatsapp and meet up seems to have replaced LB for an awful lot of former LBrs, which is a shame imho.

Been out for a ride, had lots of movement front and rear, and then spotted loads of solid ice on the side of the road.  Ride aborted.

As others have said, people have moved on.  People no longer ride, no longer can afford bikes, got married, moved to other areas, had kids, no longer interested in riding in groups. 

There used to be a dozen or so off bike forums dedicated to London, now there is just LB.  Social media has changed the why people interact.

Ginger get a push bike and come riding with me. you could do with losing a few pounds you fat bastard.

This forum will go through ups and downs. New Jets will come along and the number of rides will pick up again. One day.

Well said …Im clearly pointing out that there were many rideouts that have happened over the years all thanks to the Jetstreams and GSXRang and TDJ Mark …but clearly the rideouts have seemed to died off …

This forum is also sorta dead …I remember when it was i its hayday before facebook …maybe with the release of facebook it milled off this forum …because before facebook all people had to communicate through the forum now its over Facebook …Anyway theres my points about why this forum is so Dead

There will Only be one Set of Jets …they would have to be called something else

I could do with a few pounds yes your right there …pmsl …
But I like the way I look I dont wanna end up black a d blue unlike someone I know

Yeah but March is NoT FuCkInG WINTER …PMSL


I Understand all that and I know there is people that cant ride for medical reasons or are riding high in the clouds(god rest their souls)  somewhere …but with over 2800 people on rhe group in facebook amd about the same on here …your telling me they ALL either sold their bikes, cant afford one, can’t ride …or just can’t be sociable …theres people on here that still have bikes etc etc

Quite right. Also, we’re working on something in the background to give things a jump-start in time for the riding season. Watch this space.

This forum will go through ups and downs. New Jets will come along and the number of rides will pick up again. One day.eezie

Ginger, then why don’t you organise rides rather than spitting your bile in such a way… Come to BM every now and then, there are always at least 3 or 4 bikes there even in the winter. 

I have been down to Borough Market …but the last time i went there there was no body there …I later found out people were at the Bike Shed …See I dont work in london I live and Work up in Northampton so can sometimes get down depending on what time I finish work …And as for the rideout …Yes i did post one up in the rideout section …but noone seems to really look there anymore …maybe I should have posted it in the General Chat …Thats my bad and for that Im Sorry