Why is he wearing a helmet?




Im still waiting for him to turn up on site… :ermm:

He’s phoned up sick, he’s gone to pieces. :laugh:

I wouldn’t get cut up over it :smiley:

lookin sharp there fella.

think I might get me a slice of that.

careful you don’t chop the throttle, you’ll cut someone up.

nice chopper lol

He’s a cut above the chest… I mean rest :Whistling:

I wonder how far this thread can go on for :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s sharper than the average bear

He must have jumped through hoops to get on that bike.

Fortunately, everyone saw him coming.

i saw this coming

Obviously not the sharpest tool in the box.

what’s the point,

This thread is going to go round in circles

Yes, time to cut it short


Steady on chaps, no need for such cutting remarks.

don’t cut it down in its prime,

“Sharp edges”…

nope, I’m stuck

this thread is (potentially at least) entirely 'armless

looks like a short cut from Band (saw) of brothers - my best sucks!