Why I need bigger bike?

Because don’t want to scratch my face:



He should have run the fecker over, Jesus I hate most cyclists in London. Those cycle boxes at the front of traffic lights do not help either. Slowest moving thing on the road and they put them all in front of everything else. Ok they are quick when filtering heavy traffic but they should still obey traffic laws and have some form of insurance like the rest of us.

He? That was me on the bike, if I would stupid enough to have a quick race with moped moron on the left I would end up smashing this peace of **** on the bike to the peace’s…

And that’s why I need a bigger bike, to kill the ******, dead people does not giving statements (first rule when you are on patrol).


Looks like he was doing a leisurely sunday ride…and probably started crossing just at it turned red.

As a cyclist myself this **** get’s my blood boiling.

On Friday 18:15 :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean tho…


Not like a bat out of hell then!