Why I joined LB, and why Im leaving

Now that I like

How did i not KNOW that you would?..

Hard Riding Ho? (oops)

Gave mine the quick once over…got it started, at long last !!!..but still aint been out on it…well every time i look out the door its pouring with rain…best day would have been the boxing day run…but it wouldnt start then !!! sods law!

honda riders hopeless

Err…fook u 2 !!! Kwispie Kweam Kwackers !!!

im sorry, blade. have you taken your bike back in to the dealers for the URGENT recall?

apparently the honda technicians have found that all fireblades seem to be underpowered compared to kwackas.

even blue kwacks…

Nah, havent u heard? They found out they got the wrong make and model…its all the OLD ZX’s that have got that problem…its all the tape thats holding them together getting in the way of the fuel lines? Awww, never mind…one day you will have a REAL bike…like a HONDAAAAAAAAA

had hondas and was not impressed, every time i get on my 12 i grin. no other bike could do that for me so i am on my second .

honda are ok but i prefer a zx12r. personal choice…

I love em too…just cant reach the damn floor!! took ol mans one out but gave it back to him…scared me ****eless !!! So…you win my ZX12 man…but i still think Sams the best woman rider we have on LB, simply cos she rides the best bike…so there…i CAN be right sometimes !! ha ha

if only sam could control all that power…she be better suited to a zx6…

Oi !!! she can control it…so can i…just wish i had longer legs !!! damn fine bike…ol mans one is in metallic black, sort of mauvey black…with gold wheels and carbon got the indicators in the back light etc etc…im SO jealous when we are out…but hey ho, my babys not exactly one to be sneezed at !!

Achooou ZX12 all the way got the right badges on the bike KAWASAKI

Oh bugger, my mrs has just read this n now she wont let me out on anything more than a 50cc scooter. Thanks for droppin me in it mate.

Sorry to see ya go but cant blame ya, borin as fook on here now. Still, hope to see ya up frith on a fri nite as normal.

Will have to do another french trip, was a great laff. In fact was thinkin of doin one last week of june but this time to Monaco and back over 5 to 6 days staying in cheap etap or formula 1 motels.

Hopefully Charlie will come so I can race him down the route napolean.

Take care mate, I will see you once the spring has sprung.


we all have choices…

if it feels right, do it…and if it feels right to come back again, do it

if you aint hurting no one but yourself…make the right choice for you

Bender, I’ll be sorry to see you go, though I hope you stay. For the reasons you stated originally, we had a great time this year. If there’s anything that you want to say to me personally about how things have been or are, please PM me, I’m always here to listen…


Shewoolf is on the money!


For god’s sake give the bloody “I don’t like this person, that person” sh!te a rest please.

I like lots of people and I don’t like others…but you’d bored to tears if every time you caught up with me all I ever talked about was how unhappy I was with the people I don’t like. The conversation would be pretty bl00dy dull eh?

We’ve done this wretched thread topic to death.

If you don’t like people don’t have anything to do with them and if you don’t have anything positive to say, please SHUT UP! Go away! MOVE ON!

Change the damm record for god’s sake!

Bored to ruddy tears of hearing you negative death monkeys and your whingy “I don’t like this, I don’t like that” attitudes. You kill a positive thing. Sling your ruddy hooks.

Really really really SICK of this.

Bang on Toby Its not the kitchen table so there is no need to tell everyone you are leaving. I’d not say I was leaving as it would make people too happy

Well done i agree! New year is it not tomorrow?

On a more positive note ( besides the gorgeous Charlie ) since i have been going out on ride outs meets , summer bashes etc ive had the best time with lots of laughs, met some good people, generally since i joined lb ive had a great time.

Hope in the new year all this Salee im resigning and other people making a point of leaving is not going to become a general trend. Because it leaves a bad atmosphere. Its winter you cant get out on your bikes as much, its ****ty weather leaving you frustrated what ever the reason come back soon. I havent been on my bike for 3 months im still here. (now that is frustrating lol:laugh

Right well im off to drink tonnes of water in prep for tonight have a good one

Just do what I do and not read it, its only attention whoring.