Why I joined LB, and why Im leaving

When I joined LB in the spring of last year it was at the unfortunate time that one of LB’s members had lost his life…even though I wasn’t a member of LB at the time I felt compelled to join. Not only did I want to be part of a community that included and acknowledged london bikers as a whole, I wanted to be a part of the community that showed that any london biker was not alone…no matter what…and that day we did Ali proud.

After that sad day I did some soul searching…why did I want to ride a bike?..why did I want to be part of a biking community?

The answers came think and fast for me. That year we did an awesome trip to France…guys, you remember that one? What stood out for me was Puppy doing 170mph+ (with video evidence) just to make the meeting point …that was the day I met Barro at stupid o’clock in the morning and I was thinking “who the hell is this and what have I let myself in for???” I remember meeting everyone at Cubana… Cez taking pictures of our bikes…Puppy showing us the footage of his mad dash…and Charlie showing off his new ride. That was the best France trip af all time and I know the guys who came on that trip will back me up on that…awesome…end of.

Further on in the year was the Breast Cancer support rideout. I think that we all remember that and what an emotional weekend that was for all of us. Seeing a load of grown bikers cry (myself included) was so close to home and that will be a feeling that will never be forgotten…nor replicated.

Guys…what I’m trying to say is…if you want to keep LB going…stop all this petty keyboard worrior stuff and remember why you started riding a bike and why you joined LB in the first place.

I’m leaving this forum for my own personal reasons, but I hope that those who run this site will not loose touch, and keep this site going for those who it’s supposed to benefit.

Over and out.


Mate, right behind you…

I think things have lost their natural direction…

Total respect to the sites NATURAL owner.

But, pie in the face for the new breed of commercial junkies who took the life and sole out of LB

I’m not leaving, I’m keeping a close eye WeAnnie x

I think Bender has said all I could imagine saying.

Wiggy… phew !

Sad though to read your thread Bender…

Ann x

Bring back Cezar the geezer and his bike to travel!

Sad to be leaving Ann…just think that the boys have lost touch…but I’m sure they’ll be back making LB into what it was supposed to be.

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We can only hope that you will “keep an eye” and hurry back !


Ann x

Does that mean you are not going to be on any forum, or just leaving this one? And can i just ask?..before you did join LB, and before you met the bikers you did on LB, did you meet sort of many others either from another site or just from meets like boxhill etc? What im trying to say is, for years i was riding around, either with other men in a group, usually workmates who also ride, and my other half?..but i wanted to meet other women riders and didnt have a clue HOW to? I met Trisckie from a different source and she put me in touch with LB, along with Abbeyj, both of them were already members? …in time i met loads of other women riders and have been on loads of rideouts with them too? If i hadnt joined i would still be riding around with the men and being the only women?

I can sort of get your gist when you talk of the way the forum is run now, although personally i dont really let it get to me? I use this forum just as much as i suppose IT can use me? (sort of)…All the things they put out on threads asking us to do, is down to us at the end of the day, if we want to or if we can get the time, or if we can make it cos of work committments or family…they are not MAKING or ORDERING us…

I like the forum, personally again, cos the main people ARE good fun, can take a joke (mostly!), and are ready for a laugh, and the rideouts are brill !!! I cant see myself leaving it, and if i do, then i hope i have made enough friends that i can call up and still arrange to meet?

I like the fact i can ask a question on my bike or whatever and get a good answer from someone…i like the fact that there are other bikers who understand what im saying, albeit serious or having a laugh…i also like the fact i can call many of them now, just for a chat or to pop round and see them, something i couldnt do before as i didnt know them!

So, i cant really understand why you would leave the forum, just because you dont agree with the way its run? As i said, surely the people you have met through the forum, outweigh the other side of things that maybe youre unhappy with? Lets face it, you wouldnt have gone on the france trip with such great people if you hadnt joined?

Blade, a forum is like a pub, you stay or you leave if you don’t like the new barman.

Forget over analysing it.

That’s how it works, I don’t like the new barman but I like the Pub x

Mate ya can’t leave come on mate please reconcider (could neve spell that fookin word)

I understand about the pub bit posted by Wiggy all I can say it don’t do it LB needs good blokes like you

OK i get it…yeh can understand that…sorta what i was tryin to say, only i write a book and u make a statement…typical man woman thing eh ???

Blade, I do see you point and yes you’re right in saying that if I hadn’t joined the forun then I wouldn’t have met the great people who I am friends with now. This forum was an awesome place to me to be on…banter, rideouts, the lot…loved it. Maybe it’s the departure of Cez that’s brought this all on because I knew that he had a goal, and maybe that goal is somewhat obscured now. I’m in no way disrepecting this forum, far from it, I think and hope it has a future. For me though I think that my time here has come. I’ll still stay in contact with that people I have met here and will hopefully see you all bombing about the country lanes eh

RECONSIDER …ha ha ya muppet !!! (smiley smile to the M to the 9) !!!

Yeh u WILL see us, and BE with us too !!!

Oi why ya calling Muppet now thats a fine one coming from the Cartwheel Queen

And thank you Blade for the spelling

Why is this becoming all to frequent a post still m8 don’t do it

Now im even MORE confused? So Bender has had a prob with someone on the forum, that he now feels he has to LEAVE it for?..surely no one is worth that? i mean, there are plenty of other “mates” found and to be found …?

And M9? im quite PROUD of being the cartwheel queen and living to tell the tale !!!

Miss Blade HRH

I am sooooo glade ya around to tell about it the sight of Poor Nicks face was not good

Bender m8 still don’t do it all probs can be worked out

Nah its stands for Honda Rules Honey !!!