Why? i am baffled, lol

right see if any knows why this is.
insurance due beginning of April so i go online and get some quotes, i go to my now insurer Carole Nash and get a quote on 107 fully comp for my 1200 bandit.
now i get me renewal through from Carole Nash and the renewal is 182 tpft so i call em up and sday i got quote online for the above amount and they say thats ok they can honour it, now i ask why the big difference? she answers “cos we/myself do all the work online” fair enough says i but then she goes through all my details again to clarify it and i still get the 107 fully comp quote.
All it shows me is how much they really knock up the premiums and that was with breakdown, legal cover and protected no claims.
I get online quotes and then phone the number next to it but there really seems no difference in the amount of work they do for either option.
Go Figure! :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically then, they try it on and if you pull them up about it they say “oh, sorry” and knock the massive chunk they’ve added on back off again. But think about how much they make every year from people that just pay the bill…

Had the same with Carole Nash, and one of the responses that I had is that some of the insurance company’s that they offer, they can only do online, and hence the renewal quote through the post was more expensive.

Again they agreed to honour the online price

no sh1t…thats were ive been going wrong…:blink:


they bascially try it on to get whatever they can off of you. For those drivers and bikers who just let the insurance renew itself they are just feeding the companies money. I recnetly receieved a letter from express insurance stating that my cover will go up from 550 to 660!!! Obviously i was not happy with this so like you i carried out an online search and the best premium was 290!!! and the one for express insurance was 560!! so i called them up and they said they would honor the 560 i then said i found one for 300 and he said ok well in that case we will offewr you 500!!! Why didnt they giove me that qoute from the bloddy begining!! Anyway i rang the 290 qoute company who were amazing and exolained all the extra bits. rang bk express insurance and i said sorry but the other one is too competetive and im going to go with it, he then said well i can do it for 350!!! i couldnt stand his lying so told him to stuff it! long rant over!

It’s far from an exact science. My renewal for the CB500 came up from Benetts TPFT was 900 which was a bit alarming seeing as I’d paid 350 the year before. Finally got 300 TPO.

With the new bike I got about 1K from MCE, the next nearest quote was 2K, I had to phone them to check I hadn’t made a mistake.