Why drive?

edit: this is basically a cars vs bikes thread.

I’ve been set on riding a motorcycle for a long time, the experience alone was enough to convince me, so i never really looked into the other pros of riding a motorcycle. Recently i’ve been trying to recruit a few friends into the world of biking, so i’ve been looking at all the pros and cons.PROs:
Insurance for me was £400 on a honda NSR 125. Cheapest quote i was offered on a 1.1 ford fiesta was £1,300
Parking is not only free in most places, but there IS parking in most places whereas finding a parking space for a car can be difficult (and then you have to pay).
fuel is immensely cheaper
Bikes are exempt from the congestion charge
Bikes don’t have to worry so much about traffic, as they can pass it
Biking is more fun, (that’s opinion i know but i don’t think many people will disagree)

Can’t take as many passangers- on an episode of top gear one of the presenters sat by a motorway, donating £1 to… donkeys or something, for every car that had people sitting in the back. after 1 hour the donkeys had £2. Bikes can take 1 passenger at least.
Comfort/warmth (although proper clothing can counter that nicely)

Looking at these, I can understand why some people would choose a car over a bike… but i can’t help wondering why bikes only make up 10% of traffic (can’t quite remember where i heard that figure… seems less to me).

anyone else have any pros to add to my argument, or any cons to help me understand? :slight_smile:

I can see your point but I have a few reasons why I commute in my car (with the exception of fridays where traffic goes mad and I take the bike)

Work pay for the car so cheaper for me.

Quicker in the car for my route - I dont have to get changed either end, remove locks, uncover and move car to front of house etc.

Warm and dry in car, music, can use phone etc.

Its an easy decision for me, would be a different story if in worked in london though.

When I worked in London I used my bike every day come rain or shine (yes you can believe it!)

A change of jobs meant a commute to Hertford (10 miles) but I found it took longer to get my kit on, get the bike out and warmed up than it did to drive the 10 miles by car in the warmth with the radio on:cool:

Saved a fortune on squared off tyres too;)

These days I dont have a commute so my bike is purely a toy:cool:

if i could park the car @ work then id deffinetly take the car..... if it was raining and i couldnt be bothered gettin me bike gear on

the gixer was getting to much on these very nasty roads we have now(kept falling off lol)so i got a gilera runner200 4 the commute to work which is only a 8-9mile round trip… noticed u don`t get any repsect off of the peeps on the bigger bikes

think i need a nice set of lb stickers on it lol

I ride about 20 miles to my normandy office, if the sun shines its the bike without fail, if its cold its the bike, if its raining its the car truck or landy…if its dark I dislike riding my bike if its dark and raining riding the bike is dangerous…

Cars good for boredom and music…

I agree with you completely.

Bikes = More Fun.

Car = More Practical.

I want to say, under extremely adverse road and weather conditions, a car would be nice, but under those conditions, you should not drive either.

It is my natural tendancy also, to assess risk of situations, and, bikes are of a higher risk.

Now however… its a glorious summers day… riding through beautiful open roads, with no speed camera or car around, just enjoying the senses of riding… then all of a sudden, you must stop to grab a bit of food… then there is like 500 hot women… they love you, you have a bike… you get laid. AWESOME.

In my opinion.

I guess most of the PROs that apply to me are lost on most people, especially here since you own both.
main PRO for me is the cost… insurance, tax, fuel, parking, congestion charge etc. as a poor student, the cost is a huge factor for me :wink:

I think sometimes the car can be more fun - I use my bike everyday but the car once or twice a week, just nice to get in it and give it a good thrashing now and then. I like the noise, the looks of it and I get respect from the local chavs ha ha :smiley: Only thing that I dont like about it is the fuel consumption along with speed humps and traffic :slight_smile:

There’s no advantage in a car for me. I live in Zone 1, so it takes ages to get a car out of London compared to a bike, and after spending an hour in traffic in a car (which is about the time it takes me to get anywhere near the foot of the M1 in a car on a decent day - compared to about half that on the bike) I’m so peee-d off that there’s no fun in it at all.

For anywhere this side of, say, Brum/Bristol/Welsh Borders the bike wins hands down. Gets me there quicker, and is a lot more fun. Only possible reason for using a car (we hire one now and again) is to share the driving on longer journeys and/or to take large objects from place to place.

I’d also disagree with the arguments about it taking you a long time to get your bike kit on and off. In the time it takes for my PC to boot up at work, I’ve made a coffee, got changed, and am ready to roll. Bike clothes slip on over work clothes (and I work in “smart” clothes), and the only other thing I need to do is change bike boots for shoes.

did without a car for a year and just bought 4 wheels again a couple of weeks ago.

damn its good to have a car (truck) again. the bike is great point to point for work/to certain destinations with secure parking. having said that, got thoroughly soaked and hacked off on friday just running an errand and heading home.

everything else is an utter pain in the tits with painful logistical planning for where the bike can be parked/carrying anything/decides what i have to wear (and more importantly what the girlfriend has to wear)/planning for the weather, what to do with the kit when we arrive places wah wah wah. or just get in the truck, drive there, park. granted it takes longer, but sometimes its just not worth shortening the journey

You can fit more beautiful women in a car, and you can drift in it, and listen to heavy metal in it.But if you have a slick ass motorbike, and soem hot women straddeling it… then… can anyone tell that im sexually deprived yet?Edit:But seriously…Inner London commuter? BIKE IS ESSENTIAL I reckon.I am completely 50-50 on the subject. Im gonna sit on the fence, just this once.

I’ve got the choice of the car or the bike every morning…

…and the bike wins everytime (rain or 'shine). :slight_smile:

I spend all day on the road driving an Artic… so it good to get on the bike at the end of the day to get home…

Car and bike have different appeals and functions at different times, eg I can’t take my mother shopping on the bike - she can barely get in and out of my car.

But then if I’m on my own, sometimes taking the bike is more practical - if I don’t have much to carry and the traffic is likely to be heavy.

I own both too and only use the bike for work if it’s gonna be dry or if I feel like cheering myself up (great excuse eh) otherwise I’ll commute to work in the car, if I go to head office (78 mile round trip) I’m more likely to take the car as work pay for the petrol and I don’t have to faff around with squeezing laptop, suit etc into a ruck sack but if I work in a satalite office (8 mile round trip) I’ll only ride if it’s really really nice out as it takes longer to uncover the bike, unlock it, start it up, put it on the drive and get all leathered up than it does to get in the car turn the ignition and go…:D:P:D Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the choice, then I could ride everyday but when I get in the car and see it’s -3c outside I smile…:smiley:

I’d rather walk than drive in London.

But considering buying corsa or micra for shopping…

my cars blown up at the moment and getting new engine fitted so been using bike all the time, generally use car for shopping and bike all year round, Im a trucker as well so stuck at 56mph and most of our stores in London its great to blow the cobwebs away riding bike home, plus at stupid o’clock in morning not much traffic about so can ride at 70 (ish) :smiley: all the way home :smiley:

I work all over the country and i always take the bike in whatever the weather is as i just love it, so the car bike is more fun.

Put it this way- since I’ve had a bike every time I get in a car I think 1) This is slow 2) I wish I could filter 3) Yawn.

Driving a car is boring. You can’t beat the buzz you get from a bike. Even if you own a Porsche or a sports car you don’t get the same buzz. Car drivers will never under stand. :slight_smile:

To me they both have their place. Cost depends on what you need your vehicle to do, as you’ll always pay more than you wish when it’s a neccesity :pinch:

I wouldn’t want to be without either but the winter slippy roads are my time for fun in the car :cool: