Why don't you get a tracker???

I have bought every single one from China and couldn’t get anything working…
Then I found this one in England off a UK based company


Because we bought quiet a few, if you call the number and mention Leo, you will get 10 pounds credit rather then 5.

You don’t have to… you can just buy it on ebay… but please fellows… it is a peace on mind that could save your bike!

I can’t stand seeing all these posts where bikes are being taken from us… we need to be alerted and make it difficult for them to take and possibly easier for us to get it back!

Best to you all

looks like a nice piece of kit!

Thanks Leo

This is just what we were looking for


so long story short do you have to pay £60 a year to access their servers (based on their stating the £5 top-up will keep you going for 2 months)? Is that the bottom line?

Probably not seeing as £5 for two months works out at £30 a year


in that case, I’m in!

That does look really good! Wonder how weatherproof it really is? I guess you could seal it in a bag to be sure?