Why do we have to be........................

Forced to sit in an office when the weather is this lovely outside! My bike is sitting at home all lonely and I cant take it out! No fair! Roll onm 4pm!

I know - it’s just horrid horrid horrid! Still, I got to ride my bike to work this morning and it was looooooooooooooooooovely!

Look on the bright side Terry - that’s lots of LB posting you can do between now and 4pm!

I only work 10 min walk from home so I cant use the bike I would be on here all day everyday whilst as work just scared that the nasty IT people will report me and get me in trouble Spoil sports!

yeah - know that feeling! oh to be retired! (Is that a bad attitude to have at 29)?!?!?!

But on the positive side, Flick, you’ve got a lunch date! I hear she’s got a very cool bike…

I have had a great week end some good racing to be watched and my tank is now all done, roll on 5;00 pm then I will be doing as I want. he he

Roll on 18:00 when I can get out of here and go give the steed some stick.

What’s all this ‘we’ business ?

I’ll have you know that some of us are currently sat at home with a bacon buttie, wondering what to do with our day…

Its dry out there, every now and again the sun comes out. You have a motorbike and are wondering what to do? Are you beyond help I ask myself. Get out there and have some fun.

Why it wan’t dry like today yesterday??/

Mate I have the same thoughts and I am only 23! Praying for a win on the lottery!

i can just sign out of work and go for a ride! only problem…bikes at home!! BUM BUM BUM!!

im off to find a decent set of crash bungs today…but think im gonna have to mail order…

any excuse eh?


Well, have just rolled out of bed. Gonna take me bitch across the fields for a bit of excercise as she won’t leave me alone, then, I suppose I’ll give me whore a good wash n polish as she’s still filthy from St George’s day.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the benefits of working nights. All day to myself without anyone getting in my way. Down side is that CSI is on tonight and I’m gonna miss it, damn. Bout time I stopped fartin about and gets meself one of those DVD recorder things.

The skies are looking increasingly sinister up this way, don’t know whether I’ll bother goin for a scratchin sess this aft.