Why Do We Get Such A Bad Name?

I was looking for some safety videos for a M/C training website that I am working on and came across the video below.

Why is it that ‘most’ people (i.e - the media, car drivers, government (most, not all)) always speak about bikers in a bad light, when there are things like this occurring all of the time?


I have watched this video over & over again and I can’t help thinking that it could be the bikers fault, looks like he came from the middle lane into the slow lane right in front of the car, please do correct me if I am wrong :wink:

The same here, also, i think the biker brakes hard when he moves into the left lane?

Not sure this has anything to do with people’s attitudes towards bikers. However, although it is difficult to tell exactly what happened there, before the bike was hit, look where it is and what it is doing. When you first see it the bike is positioned to the right hand side of its lane and is moving fast across the path of the car. It may be the bike was in trouble and was trying to get to a refuge, but it may be that the bike started in the lane to the right and swerved across the path of the car towards the exit lane that the stationary vehicles are in. Note the sign up ahead for an exit.

I remember seeing this video at the time of the accident, I think it was on the BBC website, and I have to agree, the bike is changing lanes to get across to the inside lane/parking area but he seems to lose a great deal of speed at the wrong point, I wouldn’t have slowed down that much until I was right on the left of the first lane where I could have been fairly confident that those behind me knew I was pulling over to a standstill.

To answer Gazzas original question as with all things in life it’s only the sensational that get peoples attention, when a biker does something news worthy it’s not a charitable act that the media pick up on but a sensational act, more like doing over 150mph on the motorway!

Sadly people probably remember being cut up or overtaken by a ‘mad’ biker than being let out at a junction by one… :unsure: