why do we crash?

an infographic: http://i.imgur.com/wnddEHc.png

Thank you, very informative and a very obvious running trend which I think we already know; in the case of an accident involving another vehicle, more often than not, its a cagers fault!

Good stuff thanks!

So 72% of accidents occur in urban areas.

My guess is that the majority of fatals happen in rural areas? Higher speeds??? Less prepared for the unexpected? Dunno…

Not sure how accurate that is, The first part says 0% Vehicle Failure. How can that be?? surely break fairure, tyre failure etc has played a part in someones accident somewhere along the line

Spot on :slight_smile: Cant give you the figures but I remember during my speed awareness course, we were told that the majority of road accidents occur in urban areas, but the majority of fatal accidents occur in rural areas.
There was also a thing in the papers about The Cat and Fiddle being the most ‘dangerous’ road in Britain due to the high number of fatalities…


I guess the report says vehicle error, not vehicle failure. But I don’t know which vehicle errors can have a bike.


They took those as other (4%).

God, My spelling was attrocious in that post! can’t even blame it on my Phone as i’m at work on the PC! ,lol

What would constitute vehicle error? not sure what error a vehicle could possibly make without the Rider/Driver making it happen. Any vehicle error would be driver error, anything else surely is Vehicle Failure.

Still a Good study though. :slight_smile:

Nice one. Typical tell tale signs

It comes down to stats. If lets say there are 10’000 report accident and there are 40 directly attributed to vehicle failures (for example rear suspension failure), that is 0.4% of accidents, round to no decimal places that equates to zero percent.

It would be nice to have the raw numbers.

In the last section 15% of solo accidents were accredited to vehicle failure, usually tyre or brake related. so like Kevsta said, probably less than 1/2 a percent of the overall total and rounded down.

There was a reason I put suspension failure, I remembered that a chap on the TDM forum had a failure. He was very lucky and keep the bike in control, and managed to stop.

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Fortunatley it looks like doing 170mph + down a country lane is safe as houses though :cool:

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interesting figures. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_curve the safest speed to travel is 5mph over the speed limit