Why do they Smiled ride a motorbike?

I’m in need of a little light relief at present, so in response to Smiled’s thread, I am asking - Why does they Smiled ride a bike?

Please answer under the following categories:

  1. How often does they Smiled venture beyond the M25 in one year on his bike?

a) 0 times. b) 1 - 5 times c) 5- 10 times? d) over 10

  1. How cool, well fitted and fashionable are they Smiled’s leathers?

From 1 to 10 (1 being crap and 10 being the catwalks of Bikers’ Milan)

  1. How often does they Smiled attend a trackday in one year and in what category (slow, intermediate, advanced - spectating does not count) ?

a) 0 times b) 1 - 5 c) over 5

  1. Does Mister Smiled ride in the rain or other adverse weather conditions? a) Yes, b) No.

  2. How often has they Smiled hit the tarmac on an annual basis?

a) 0 b) 1 - 5 c) 5 - 10 d) over 10

  1. Has they Smiled passed his advanced test or instructors test?

a) Yes b) No

  1. Has they Smiled been on a Jetsream ride?

a) Yes b) No.


Just adding a small illustration of the man in action on the BCR:

They smiled?

Is thoust talking in a past toungue? for I not knoweth what thy means…

Smiled told me in secret that the only reason he rides is that he gets confused when attempting to put on his seatbelt…

I thought it was because he can’t drive a car? :hehe: