Why do they buy them

Morning rant

Was a bit late home from work this morning and had to get the Kids to School then the wife to work. got stuck (in the cage) behind at least 4 drivers who had no idea how wide their cars were???

Why do they buy something they cant drive properly. Why stop at every gap to let omething come the other way when there’s plenty of room. Its worse at night when people I know can drive their cars dont seem to know how wide they are in the dark.

And before some says it some were men as well. Why buy some great big 4x4 id you cant work out where it will fit. Or a BMW 6 series anddrive it round the back streets of London if you dont want it scratched.


the worst one for that on my journy home is asylum road in peckham, its a narrow road and the have a bus service there. so on my way some some fella in a nissan micra is stopping all the traffic from flowing because he thinks hes gonna hit the bus.

damn annoying as if it was another 5 or 6 inches wide i could have got my bike thru there, thats how much of a gap there was. the thing that got me was the car that was infront of him was a volvo estate, and he got thru the gap no problems.

drivers! know you width