Why do I keep getting treated like a sucker re bike sale?

I seem to be plagued by several problems at the mo.

I put my bike up for sale on Auto Trader. I got a call on Fri from a company called Pro Solutions to say they had some buyers who were interested .

I didn’t pay too much attention as it sounded like a whole load of complications. They said they would send me details of the company to my work email which I never got.

I forgot about it.

I was in a real droopy mood today (that means slow) I got another call from them (to be honest think I got a missed call at the weekend to)

I was in a very chatty mood. I told them to confirm their company reg and everything which they did. However the details they gave me don’t quite add up and I got AbbeyJ to look at the website I was given and they seem to deal in IT or something.

They said people register details of what bikes they are looking for with them and then they find it. If their customers cannot come up with the funds, they can arrange finance for them. I said ok cool. They wanted me to confirm my post code and house number which I did. Doh!! (I thought it was cool since they are registered with companieshouse.gov.uk since Nov last year)

Then they said I had to pay £99.50 to register as a guarantee to them. And when the customer buys the bike, it is fully refunded. I asked why their silly customers did not just use auto trader or go to a Honda and get a 0% deal like every normal person.

I am ashamed to say that it wasn’t the fee that aroused my suspicions but the fact that they called and NEVER left messages. Also they have called me several times today, the first time I didn’t pick up as hands were full then the next second I got a call on a private number and when I picked up. Hey presto it was them! That is the 2nd time they have re rung on private number when I have not picked up the first time.

Why does this stuff happen to me? Do I look gullible?

Or am I being overly paranoid??

These guys really p1ss me off. Beware of giving them your details - often they will say that they are sending a photographer round who will then have your addy and a good idea of what security you have.

If they call again, answer and then say that you have someone at the door, can they pls hold - then just put the phone down next to you and carry on what you were doing while they hold… perhaps pick it up every now and then saying you’ll only be a minute. See how much you can cost them in phone bills.

That sounds like a good scam to me mate… it happens to us all… their company might as well be registered, it costs £24.50 to register with companies house… but you’d think at that price, they’d register a dummy company registered as motor dealers (if they did that, they could abuse trade insurance too, lol)… and scam people that way…

The only good thing, put the payment on a visa card or something, and be extra careful with your bike at home, etc … jus tmake sure it isn’t that theiving ring trying to take you for it

its always good to be a litttle paranoid m8

who says they got any buyers who are interested in your sale, load of bollox, just a scam to get 100 notes out of yer for nothing. if they got buyers interested wher did them buyers see it, you not payed anthing so they not advertising it are they. as you said if they saw it in aotutrader etc.

Just another scam i reckon.

Plenty of sites out there to sell yer bike on m8, wot 1s you tried?

I tried bike trader

That’s pretty much it isnt it

The first guy was being arrested for fraud

And now these loonies are stalking me!!

Maybe I wasnt meant to sell the 125

always difficult selling privately…best of luck

Ask them for £100 as a ‘sign of good faith’ before you let them advertise it. You’ll return the cash once it’s sold. Honest guv’na.

There are legitimate companies out there who do this sort of sales brokering, butI wouldn’t touch em they just add another level of middle man.

Have you tried selling via lb??? You might even know the person who is buying or buying for?

I don’t understand that. There are so many options to buy a bike even with bad credit, why use a broker!!

Companies are falling over themselves to give people finance

These companies can only make a limited amount of funds from getting you to sell your bike or car as that is what the car/bike dealers are there for

those companies are a pain in the ass. my car went in autotrader and i was getting several calls a day. wont put it in there again - i’ve a mate in the car trade who is doing it for me through his business instead

total scam

i was in a playful mood with one of them so engaged him in conversation. asked him similarly to send me the full details of his company (which strangely never arrived) and was also told that he had 5 garanteed buyers lined up…

I enquired as to how exactly this ‘guarantee’ worked and how he proves he has such buyers. he replied ’ of course i have’. ah the ‘course i have’ verbal agreement, silly me.

told him to p*ss off

It’s a complete scam. They have no buyers. They take your money and do nothing. Company’s like this have been on Watchdog before now. Don’t do it!!!

a mate of mine, used one of the ligit ones, paid £80, and they did get people round looking at the car, but eventually he sold it himself through auto trader…
So I would not even bother with these kinda companies to be honest… Waste of Time Money and effort, also most of them charge people looking for cars or bikes as well and to be honest I’m looking to buy why would I want to pay someone else to look for me!!

Careful CF

Stick it in MCN? Certainly our classifieds ! What about asking some riding centres around the gaff as it’s a great learner’s bike and they’re the target audience I think

try it on visordown.

Theres always some1 looking for a 125, for learner purposes etc.

Choc, I had exactly the same problem last year when trying to sell my Hornet. I put an advert on the web (through Autotrader) and was plagued by the same company, day in, day out saying they had 3 people who were interested in my bike. I got rid of them by saying I’d leave the £99 “administration fee” with a third party, ie a solicitor. If they sold my bike within a certain time frame then they would get the money, if not, I could get it back. Working for a firm of lawyers, I said, great, I’ll get a contract drawn up between us and that will be legally binding.

Best thing is just to hang up or tell 'em to get stuffed.

That really sucks as they are majorly messing up Bike Trader/Auto Trader’s reputation. I am never going there again.

Plus I realised that I put my postcode on which is required and every postcode refers to a particular road

either take it to a dealer and get 600-1000 pound less then its worth - or put it on e-bay with a reserve of what you want for it!!! Job - Jobbed!!