Why do crash bungs come in pairs...

Bugger, just came off at the end of my street on ice. Nice and slow, gentle slippy slidey stop and no harm done. Landed on the box and bung, so no drama.

However, the right hand frame bung is all bent as you would expect, but to replace them it seems I have to buy a pair from R&G… I dont plan on crashing again in a hurry so why do I need two :hehe:

If anyone has half an FZ6 kit they want some beer money for I’m open to suggestion… :w00t:

You don’t have to buy a pair if you get into contact with R&G direct they will send you what ever side you need as a single unit.

Came off my Blade a couple of years ago and got a single side replacement from them.

infinity and hein gericke both sell singles, though you normally have to order them in. i only know as i dropped my fz6 last year in the slush and had to replace one. :slight_smile: