Why do car drivers queue

for petrol on the same side as their petrol cap…has no one pointed out that the hoses can stretch around their cars?

Answers on postcard please.

I’ve always wondered this too, they obviously are lacking a bit in the brain department!!

Not a postcard, but I have pulled up to pumps that I need to stretch the hose around the car, and some of them do not reach, they are too short.

Sainsburys have started putting on their hoses saying these ones are extra long, and therefore they will stretch to the other side!

After scratching the bootlid of my new Mondeo to buggery with the b*stard hose while parked the ‘wrong’ side I can fully understand why folks do it!! :smiley:

I squeezed up close to the wrong side of the pump in order to get the hose to reach round, but caught my tyre on the metal edge of the curb at the bottom of the pump and ripped a 2 inch hole in the sidewall.

I agree - most of the hoses are not long enough unless you drive a Smart Car or similar, and if they are long enough the hose scratches the paintwork on the roof.

The other problem is that when you pull far enough forward to get the hose around to the other side it blocks the exit at some of the smaller stations.

I think it’s a good thing, allows smart people to take advantage of free filling spaces.

I agree!! The same with people not using bus lanes when it’s allowed - it’s great for the rest of us!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I queue because its a British tradition and the one thing we do bloody well!:smiley:

As above, it damages paint and I have been told off for stretching hoses that should not be stretched :wink:

paint work scratches so i try not to stretch the hoses across whats wrong being paitent :stuck_out_tongue:

No way would i drag that filthy grit covered hose over my paintwork,:pinch:

I tried that trick once, not only didn’t the hose reach, i had to drive out the station and join the back of the queue again :crazy: wot a pr1ck !!

Nor me, well never again! :blush:

Like so much in life, it’s size thing.

Even the longer hoses wont stretch around the back of a Renault Epace but it’s pretty easy to hold the hose clear of the back of Mrs. O’s Saxo.

The bikes best though. Love riding past the queue to get to that vacant but blocked to other cars pump.

Like so much in life, it’s size thing.


With you on that one! … Isn’t it great!!

Right this is why:


**Look at 2:51 ** :):):slight_smile:

And whats wrong with that?:):P;)