Why do Americans have to change the pronounciation of words?

So I was scouting around on you tube looking for tips on how to heat shrink an electrical repair (yes I know, but I’m bored).

So I come across two videos and the presenters both call a Sol(as in the beer)dering iron…A Sow(as in female pig)dering iron :crazy:

Why? Solomon…Sold…So HTF does Solder become Sowder.

Also, WTF is route rowte…Just because scout is scout.

And my personal favourite… Aluminium because Aloominum.

Right, back to my Sowdering :slight_smile:

Because they can, and they have big guns.

Because they are damned fools !
Although their pronunciation of aluminium is correct, as they call it aluminum which was the original name for it.It was changed to reflect the naming convention of other metals.
But that’s no excuse for calling taps fawcetts, bums fannies… and they really get funny when you tell them you’re eating faggots.

It’s not so much that they changed the pronunciation as they changed it in a different way to us. There’s a town in the US that’s purported to speak almost exactly Elizabethan English, going on the rhyme and alliteration of the prose of the time.

ISTR this being approximately in line with the wishes of its discoverer/inventor?

I was in Canada in 1998, and we were staying on an army base next to a sh*t-kicking cowboy town called Wainwright.

So, we’re all in the local bar (full of sh*t-kickers and hot Canadian chics! :cool: ) and I run out of cigarettes! So I ask the bloke next to me “Excuse me mate, where can I get some fags around here?”… This somehow ended up with a huge barfight, the sort of which you only see in the movies! :w00t: Weird! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never made the same mistake again!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, I learnt not to “bum a fag” in San Fran


I think the main thing that kicked off the fight was the rather large cowboy asking “Are you saying I look like a queer?” to which I may have said something like “Well you’re the one wearing the dodgy hat fella!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, to “smoke a fag” would mean that you wanted to shoot a homosexual! :blink: Strange people! :stuck_out_tongue:

PMSL :smiley:

Don’t get me started on this…

Speaking of that sort of stuff there is a guy on youtube who calls it sod-er get the wire and pre sod-er

Because theyre of Irish and not English descent? :w00t::hehe:


This is from the same people who think a fag is something you smoke…that a chip is a fry…that a biscuit is a cookie. We could go on all day like this.

(Oh…and don’t even get me started on that ig-pa atin-la sing song **** like “septic” etc etc etc… :w00t: )

I’ve got a better idea…let’s go have have a sit down in the pub and make fun of each other over a few beers. :laugh:

Whilst were on the topic:

What is a “Jagwar”? :unsure:

Not to mention the confusion that can be caused with the difference in the meaning of “fanny” :smiley:

:w00t: I find this thread incredibly offencive due to my mother being American Polish :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :hehe::cool:

Dammit i cant keep a straight face when typing that :smiley: :):D:P;):cool::hehe:

you will be glad you didnt use the phrase “fanny pack”…

:slight_smile: Ah but “bum bag” could also be misconstrude :w00t:

yeah dude - there is history on LB with those phrases lol :smiley: waits for Smiled or Ratty to turn up

It’s not a bum-bag, it’s a hip-sack!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And a squirrel becomes a squrl :laugh:

They seem to emphasise the “H” in vehicle a bit too much.

People in this country seem to want to shorten or abbreviate words not deliberately make them longer. What the fugs that all about.