Why can't people leave whats not theres alone

what a s**t wasp… glad all is ok, my manager saw someone moving my bike the other day went to have a word turned out to be the bloke of someone who works here… still pointed out should not be messing… and what would have happened had he dropped it…

So know what you mean, I’m just lucky were I work now everyone seems to look out for each others bikes, its like a little clerkenwell club it’s great.


i saw at brighton people putting their kids onto bikes and taking their photo’s, ffs.

WASP – I completely understand your frustration. If I would catch someone sitting on my bike without asking first, I think I would smack them. (But only if they are smaller than me of course…:D)

Superoli – Even though nothing was meant by the “coloured” comment I am glad you have the guts to bring it up and make people think.

Yes, it is an irrelevant addition to the story, and even though I can understand why it slips in there, it does not make it right. Especially, as in your case, when you have been on the receiving end of such comments probably too many times, it can be offensive and only fair that you point it out.

If only this was a perfect world……:slight_smile:

Superoli? allow it man, just allow it…

Sam is Sam, she dont mean a thing…says as she finds but it would break her heart if shes offended someone that bad for saying something she didnt think about first? Can understand your feelings on this matter too, it comes up time and time again, as im sure you know. Just that in this day and age, peoples comments dont always mean same as they did, way back in the day?..

Believe i know what you are saying, but Sam is not one to think that way of…if she was id bust her ass !!! (and she knows it !!! :w00t: )

She a goodun is Sam…so please dont let it get to you…OR anyone else who reads this?..as i said, if i thought it, id be the first to put her in her place…but i dont think it, so shes safe !!! just allow it…(smile) :slight_smile:

I like it when the kiddies round my way sit on my bike. Get’em while they’re young :slight_smile: If the older ones get on it I go out and chat to them about the bike.

I did once have a go at some older teenagers when they were sniffing round my bike once, but thats cos they’d nicked my bicycle when I was on holiday, and I felt really guity for over-reacting (didn’t appologise though).

You sound too nice !!! I dont want kids sitting on my bike unless i know them and ive put them there…get em while their young? what so they can get ideas in their heads to come and nick yours when they’re ready !! ha haAnd having a go at older teenagers?, while i dont recommend that nowadays, less you want a knife in your back (some i stress), is a no no from me on feeling guilty…they take the **** and think they are a law unto themselves…so if youve had a go (and come away stab free!) then dont feel guilty !!! :wink:

why make an issue over it? she didnt insult any1. FFS

what a crock of **** , it’s very relevent the kid was black so say he was black …if he was white it would have said he was …get real

hey Samm did the coloured person look like this?


look’s like he’s just been to KFC

  1. Looks like Minty from eastenders !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. VPL or WHAT???

  3. Wonder what poor mites bones hes got hanging round his neck…prob should have had em round his middle to hid that little…erm…strange looking package in those superman trunks !!! :w00t:

glad your scoot is ok sam,i personally would have gobbed off at at the little git who was straddled my bike and gave him a clout on the back of the head for good measure.

also…just to clear up…

WASP has broken no forum rules with the ‘‘comment’’ in question.

i have the pleasure of knowing sam personally, and know that this is something that was not intended to cause upset to any fellow members.

had the little toerag been ginger…then she would have put that in her story…

had the git been disabled…she would have put that in her story…

we are all grown ups here and pretty much know were to draw the line bar an exeption of a few in the past and they have been severley delt with.

we moderate these forums very closley at all times and are always on alert for any untoward comments, images or posts.we are a very experienced team that are lucky enough to have a mix of ethnic backgrounds,me being Italian for one…

thankyou for your time guys.


Blade …I’m cool with it and I didnt think any forum rules were broken it was just something that annoys me and I stated it, people have their things that annoy me and that was one. You explained and I’m fine.Keith-17 not even going to bother with you…you dont have a clue.

Why is it relevant ? Is there some magic going on that means somebody born white doesn’t have the ability to steal therefore the colour of a persons skin is an immediate indicator to their honesty ? Can’t see where in the post the colour of a person could possibly be of interest . . . what about his nationality ? Surely the fact he weas sat on a scooter that didn’t belong to him and tried to pretend it did is the relevant point.

Bloody spaghetti eater…bet you dont need superman pants !!! mmwhaaa mmwwhhaa !!!

Sweet babes…:slight_smile:


love ya blade ya MILF!!!


As i said above post? allow it…Sam didnt mean anything in that way…believe me, if i thought she did, shes lost a mate in me and would guess few others here…but shes got a heart of gold, she just wrote cos she was mad at what had happend and yes you are right…the fact is, the asshole made out it was his, and thats the relevant point…but…allow it :wink: Anyhoo…wouldnt have happened if she’d had a REAL bike !!! :w00t: