Why can't people leave whats not theres alone

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR…i park outside the council offices go in to pay a bill and the security guard comes in and tells me 2 chavvy types are playing wiv my pocket rocket…so out i goes and they leg it little B*stards:angry:

Go from there down to town, park in the high street go to the bank to pay some money in come back to me scooter only to find some coloured kid sitting on it whilst the alarm is screaming its lungs out :crazy: i asked him what the fck he was playing at and he actually said “i’ve lost me keys and cant stop the alarm” as soon as he realised it was mine…yep he legged it i am sooo angry what the hell is going on with this world !!! if it aint yours GET OFF IT:angry: Gawd i soooooooo want to punch someones lights out today i am so angry and pssed off at the state of this world.

…I can feel your anger…

You need to build a little cottage made of cake and confectionary… and when they’re plump…

…mmmm, pie… :smiley:

what cheeky fcuker, you should have lumped him one.

lol @ Moley :slight_smile: x

Wasp - I know how you feel - really annoys me that people do this - I see people sitting on other peoples bikes all the time and it is proper horrid! :frowning:

Glad your alarm is working and you havent lost her :slight_smile:

what does coloured have to do with it ? why use that in your story ?

I’m surprised you didn’t f*****g grab him by the neck and rang the police, and get him nick for attempted stealing.

It’s a horrible world out there…

Should have swung yer crash helmet at him (assuming it wasn’t under your seat)

keep a disc lock on ya at all times wasp, even if ya popping into a shop put the lock on.

tell ya what, sod getting shouted at by you wasp, i think i would run!:w00t:

Should make them bite the curb and then bam…

I’d have lamped him one, left him black and blue - that should be colourful enough for him. Bloody cheek of it. I always use my portable chain when stopping off and it does make a difference. I’ve let little kids (we are talking 3-7 year olds) sit on my bike, with parents having asked permission.

just maybe because he was …? :alien:

easy really


It has nothing to do with the story what so ever why not say what colour the security guard was or the two chavs ?

I am pretty sure if the kid who sat on his bike was white he wouldnt have said "so a white kid sat on my bike "

So the Chav comment was ok? :blink:Lighten up, nothing was meant by it :slight_smile:


Cheeky little scrote, should have wacked him one Wasp :PHe is a she actually :stuck_out_tongue: I am sure no harm was meant by the comment.

Nothing like taking something out of context and blowing it out of proportion is there…

I was quoting you I did’nt say the Chav comment was ok. Just something that annoys me when people use someones colour in a story when it’s not necessary. If you wouldnt have used it if the person was white then it doesnt need to be used. Having been on the receiving end many a time it just grates me.

Hence why I pointed out you only picked on the one comment. As nothing was meant it’s all good :slight_smile:

Like it says in your sig :wink:

wel if that upset you, how do you think ginger feels :slight_smile: