Why are they so pink ?

… womens bike gear, and sometimes, with flowers !

Am I the only female rider who doesn’t wear pink. I don’t need to be reminded I’m a girl for god sakes !

At Brands, I would have loved an official ‘I was at Brands 2006’ type T, only to find if they weren’t pink, they were lime green


Didnt you know its the law that you must wear pink otherwise face pain of death by firing squad

Stereotype I guess happens all the time

I am pleased that they are bringing more womens biking clothes out its good to see.

Unfortunately though, alot of gear is ‘designed by women, for women’ which is not always a good thing.

I was looking for armoured trousers with hip armour, only to be told at a well known bike shop for women that they don’t design trousers with hip armour, as ladies don’t like the extra padding.

Was shocked, I like to look good too, but safety alway comes first.


Surely thats a bit crazy, designing protective clothing with looks on the top of the priority list over safety.

Hein Gericke stock ladies stuff as far as I am aware and it has pretty good armour in it too. Have a look at there stuff. I think they can order in ladies stuff too.

LOL its not my bum its the hip armour!

I’m liking your hip armour in the avatar, Nuts

I am fully aware that you’re a girl

You approve of using innocent ladies as gravel rash protectors. Tut shame on you Andrew lol

… are you flirting with me …

Yes (sigh).

Fortunately for you chaps, us women come in all shapes and sizes.


Bender has the complete opposite problem - wishes he could find his size in pink…

You need to ASK? It’s so SVStreetfighter, sorry BENDER can get something nice to wear!

<CM retires at speed>

Of course I’m flirting with you . . . . . hope your husband doesnt find out . . . . hang on a minute . . . . I am your husband . . .

Not all womens clothing is in pink you just have to look at the big chain stores to find what you are looking for. there is also a website www.bikerchick2.co.uk that does ladies clothing at not anorexic sizes…

Cheers lady p ! You can never have enough bike gear

Looks better in black ter me…

I noticed that when I first went out to buy my gear last year, it’s either pink, or ridiculous - so short you’d end up with cold kidneys!

I find it difficult getting stuff that fits, even though I’m reasonably skinny, coz the decent stuff seems to have been designed by men or people who don’t realise the classic British women’s shape is a pear!

And besidesw, women are only supposed to be ornaments either on a real bikers arm, or on the bikes themselves, as is the case at all the bike shows, there are never any hunks in trunks!

weused to sell a pink ladies jacket, but it got withdrawn cos it never sold, and then last week had some woman in complaining we dont sell any pink leathers

cant please em all eh